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Alpha and Omega – Crystal Body


On this last day of 2014, we were together in the afternoon for English class.   

The last three years we have been working on the feeling of being alone to the feeling of being ONE. In these three years Mura needed to study to be the Aquarian LAW, she has taken many steps and decisions how to become ONE and Free in the Aquarian LAW. She is not ready yet, that is also not possible. She can relate what she has learned these last three years. We will see how the Aquarian LAW will unfold. She feels ONE inside. 

To celebrate New Year and to really live the Aquarian LAW, Mura had specifically the wish to be with Isabel, Ismael and Mark at 11 o’clock in centre The-Invitation, her centre. In the Aquarian LAW the Details of herself and of all us have to obey the Core. In the Core is the Aquarian LAW. We have to grow in this. She was until now afraid to lose her students and that would be a repeat of Atlantis. 

We did the Crystallising Divine Beauty decree. After this decree, we went upstairs and did a meditation. We stood in a circle and Mura asked us to find our balance. We had our hands in pray position. We activated the One of consciousness and awareness by feeling the harmony in our bodies. We experienced the oneness in our whole being, in our Life’s as ONE. We felt the Harmony especially in our hips. When we sat down we activated the Harmony in the whole Earth and we were putting our detail in to EARTH, Eternal Ascending Real True Home. We were spreading the Birthright for every ONE in the Wholeness of Life. This is a Promise.  

Then we sat down. While sitting we created a platform on planet Terra, we were the oneness of consciousness and awareness in complete Harmony. We created divine matter.  

Mura placed us in another form and in this form we read a chapter of the Word of Mother book. We read together, not all at the same time however all words are multiplied.  


From the Crystal Planet I address the Word to you. I address my Word to the Oneness of consciousness and awareness. I address the Word to your Right as being a Detail, to the Right that you are IN Life, in the Wholeness of Life. 

From the Crystal Planet I give my Light, my VOW, my Promise, I give you the Body. Upon the Crystal planet we have started to weave a pattern, it is the pattern, the Divine Pattern, in which every Detail is Crystallised. In weaving the Pattern of the Crystal Planet, we are weaving the Pattern of your Crystal Body.  

Crystallising your Detail is your Birthright. Crystallising your Detail is a Command of Eternal LAW. Crystallising the Promise that is given to ONE and to ALL, is the Right of your Life, the Right of your Light and it is the Righteous way to Love. 

You are creating Love in being Righteous with your Light, in using the Light in Right and in being wise in the Oneness of awareness and consciousness. You are Commanded by LAW, to Live the Promise and to Multiply the Light of your Being, the Light of your Original Being. This means that you are Multiplying the Light of Obeying, the Light of Original Being. In the Multiplication of your Light, the Crystal Pattern that is given from Venus, is attracted by your Self. You are becoming More because the Light is Multiplied and this Light resonates with the Pattern -the Divine Pattern- of your Original Being. Therefore, in the Oneness of awareness and consciousness, you are creating with me, the Crystal Body, you are creating because you are attracting the Divine Pattern of the Crystallised Detail, the Body as ONE. 

The Wholeness of your Self, in ONE of awareness and consciousness, is the Wholeness of being embodied. Being embodied means being Original. Therefore it means, you are Obeying. In Obeying you are aligned with the Commands of Eternal LAW and Eternal LAW has Commanded you to Live, to Live and Multiply Light. 

In the LAW of Eternity is also the Command that you will Obey the Authority of the current Age, of the current time, time which is Eternal Time. Time which is a moment in Eternity, Time which is the relevance of your Detail in unfolding Light. You are Obeying the LAW of Aquarius and you are Multiplying therefore the Light of the Aquarian Constellation. 

The Divine Pattern, the Crystal Pattern, given to you from planet Venus, so you are embodying the Original Being, is given to you through the Constellation of Aquarius, whereby your Detail is expression within the Aquarian LAW. The Deity of Aquarius is aligned with the LAW of Aquarius and in this Union, the Vision for Aquarius is unfolding by the fact that you are Original Being that you are Obeying. It unfolds in the fact that the Crystal Pattern of your Light, of your Detail, is present in Earth, present upon Terra. 

The LAW of Aquarius is manifest. It is manifest upon Terra and it is given from the Crystal Body of planet Venus. The Aquarian LAW is here and therefore you have the Opportunity to Multiply the Light of your Detail in the Union with the Aquarian Light. Would there be no Aquarian LAW, you cannot create your Detail in Union with the Aquarian Light. But because of the gift of LAW which is the gift of Love, the gift of Life in Right, you have the Ability, the Opportunity to be united with the Aquarian Constellation. Therefore your Detail will give the Aquarian Expression of itself, the Aquarian Oneness of awareness and consciousness. 

Through the entire Zodiac, which is a Wheel of Eternity and a Wheel of Eternal LAW, the Ages of Future will be created by the Details in the Constellation of the Age. Eternal LAW oversees the entire Zodiac. Eternal LAW has Commanded Venus to be the Crystal Planet. Eternal LAW has Commanded Venus to weave a Crystal Pattern. 

In your Original Being, in your Obedience, you are attracting this Crystal Pattern, so you are in the Aquarian Age alive as the Opportunity, to create the Aquarian Constellation in detailed manifestation. The detailed manifestation is a gift of the Aquarian LAW because the Aquarian LAW is the Communion of ALL Details. ALL Details in the Communion of Holy Spirit alive, in the Communion of Holy Spirit present.  

Being present is being alive as Deity. Being alive as the Right to Reign. And the Right to Reign is given to you by the Command of LAW, the Command of Cosmic LAW. It is a LAW in Cosmos that a Detail, a Ray, is reigning itself and by Reigning you create. 

According to the principles of your Age and according to the LAW of your Age, that you Live in, that you have chosen to Live in, you are Materialising your Detail, your Detail in Right. The Aquarian Constellation lives because the Aquarian LAW lives. You are alive as Detail and you are attracting the Crystal Body given from planet Venus because it is Commanded by Cosmic LAW, because it is Commanded by Eternal LAW and because this is Obeyed by the LAW of Aquarius. The LAW of Aquarius gives you the Command to Crystallise your Detail and this means that you attract the Divine Pattern given to you from planet Venus. 

When I therefore address my Word to you from planet Venus, I give you the Worth of the Crystal Pattern. I give you the Worth of a Crystal Planet. I give you the Worth to realise the Crystallisation of your Detail, of your Original Being. Obeying is therefore Living IN Worth, living the Worthy Life which is Right, which is Light and which is IN Love present. You abide in Love because you abide within the Crystal Pattern. You abide in Love because you abide within the alignment of LAW. All Lines of the Aquarian LAW are seen in the EYE of the Deity. All Lines of the Aquarian LAW are forgiven because of the Vision of the Deity in White Fire present. 

You are Original and you are a Deity seen in this EYE. The LAW has united, the Aquarian LAW has united with the EYE in White Fire and in the Vision therefore of the Origin, you are seen as Original Being. This gives you the Opportunity to BE the Original Being, to be Obeying. You Obey in Crystallising your Detail, you Obey in Multiplying your Light. You Obey in Creating the Original Love, the Love of the Promise, the Love of the VOW. You Obey and therefore you attract the Promise to you, the Promise of Crystallising your Self, the Promise of a Crystal Body. 

We are the Crystal Planet and we give you the Crystal Body. We give you the Crystal Body because Matter as Earth, as Terra is ready to receive the Crystallised Pattern of Love. Earth is ready to receive the Union with Venus, not only in Spirit but also in Matter. Earth, planet Terra, is ready to Obey the Commands of the Aquarian LAW. Therefore the Aquarian LAW Lives. The Aquarian LAW Breathes. The Aquarian LAW therefore is in Command. 

You are Original. The Aquarian LAW is Original. In Cosmic LAW, in Eternal LAW you are united, you Live in Communion, Communion of Holy Spirit. Materialise your Self as the Crystal Truth. Materialise your Self as the Union in Love. Materialise your Self in the Worthiness of being Deity, Deity in Reign, Deity in Power, in Love and in Wisdom. You Honour the Deity of Aquarius when you Obey the Aquarian LAW. You Obey the Deity of Aquarius when you Honour the Aquarian LAW. 

I address the Word to you, the Word that gives you the Opportunity to Obey and to Honour. I give you the Opportunity to create and attract the Crystallised Pattern of your Divine Being, of the Origin. You are ONE in awareness and consciousness. You are the Wholeness of Light itself. Use this Light in the Wisdom of the Father of the Aquarian Age. Use this Light in the Wisdom of the Wholeness of Life. In doing so, you Honour the Design, the Design of the Origin. In doing so, you Honour the Design while I Honour you. 



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