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Basic Principle of Love 


Mura, Mark, Isabel and Ismael, the Four in ONE were together in centre The-Invitation to celebrate the New Year of 2015. It was a special request of Mura to be in the centre at midnight. 

New Year’s Dictation  

We Celebrate the Union in Crystal. We Celebrate the Alignment of All planets in the Solar System, Honouring ONE Sun. 

We Celebrate the fact that planets are Aligned within ONE Goal and ONE Purpose, that an entire Solar System is a System in space, living Eternal and creating Eternal. ONE Sun as the Centre of the System is the Source to ALL, is the Direction to ALL and is the Path Way in which ALL Life becomes More. The Growth of Direction, the Growth of Eternity is realised in the Gift of the Sun, is realised in the Bliss of the SunRays. Every Ray shining upon the planet called Terra, is a Ray that gives its Detail and in the Details, the More of the entire Solar System is given. 

Planet Terra is alive within Crystal, alive within the Oneness of Terra and Venus. ONE Body is created based upon the Crystal Direction of Sunlight. To Honour the Sun, is to Honour All Rays, it is to Honour All Details in Eternity present. To Honour All Details is the Beginning of creating Community. To Honour the fact that Details are present and that Details are the Willingness of Creator to create, is the Beginning of Communion. 

You are alive within Communion because planet Terra is alive within the Communion of the Solar System. All planets as ONE, aligned with the Direction of ONE Sun, are alive within Communion. They choose to Unite and they choose to Align, to Align within ONE Purpose and ONE Goal, to Align within ONE LAW, the LAW of Cosmos.  

The Union of the planets is similar to the Union of the Rays in the Sun. The Rays given to planet Terra are embracing the Details, Details in Union. To realise the Truth of Details in Eternity is realising the Truth of Unity and realising therefore that Community is a True Creation.  

To Create Community, you need to have Details alive and Details will Live in the basic Commands of LAW. The Cosmic LAW brings the Union of the planets, the Cosmic LAW makes ONE Sun shine to an entire Solar System. The LAW of Aquarius is the LAW that is Reigning planet Terra in Order to have the Details in the Rays of the Sun alive. 

When you create Community, it is a necessity to create Details because the Union of Details is Communion, is Community. The Union of Details is created within the True Teachings, within the Teachings coming from ONE Direction, these are the Teachings alive upon Sirius and these Teachings come in to planet Terra within the Light of the North and within the Direction of the Sun. The Sun is aligned with the Pole of the North of planet Terra and in this Alignment, Oneness of Terra aligns with the Direction in the Sun and aligns with the Governmental Power of Sirius. Within the Governmental Power of Sirius it is thus given that LAW and Teaching are ONE. In the Teaching Designed for planet Terra the Details in the SunRays can be created and will be created. This means that the Creation is a Creation of Communion of Community. 

When the Realisation of Details in Communion is done, is given, it is the Realisation of the Original Love. It is the Original Love with which Creator started to create. As said, if you understand that Details are there because Creator creates Details and creates Eternity, you understand the basic principle or the Original principle of Love, it is Love to create that gave form or existence to your Detail.  

You are a Detail, you are in SunRays alive. You are alive in the Communion or Union of All Rays of the Sun. You are alive within the Oneness of a Solar System in which planets are United in ONE Purpose and ONE Goal. Upon planet Terra the Goal is to realise the Details of Eternity, to realise the Details in a Crystallised Pattern, the Pattern that is realised with the Willingness of the Diamond. To create with the Willingness of the Diamond and bring forth the Realisation of Crystal, is creating the Details of Eternity in Communion. It is creating the Original Love of Creator. You create Love by creating your Detail, your I. You create Love in the Realisation that Life is Communion or Union of Details. You exist within the Union of planets in a Solar System. You exist within the Union of Rays in the Wholeness of ONE Sun. One Sun Reigns the Solar System. ONE Sun is Honoured by ALL Detailed planets. You as Humanity, as Human Beings, Honour ONE LAW which is the Sun for your planet. You Honour ONE LAW which is the LAW of Aquarius. In Honouring this LAW, you have Opportunity in Community to create your Detail, to create the True Construction, the True Geometry of your Detail as Love. The Loving Reality, the Original Loving Reality of Creator is the Reality of Creative Powers, of Creativity. You are inspired to create in the Truth of Community. You are inspired to create your Detail in the Realisation of ONE Ray in Sun. In the Wholeness of the Sun, the Ray of your Detail is Whole. In this Wholeness, the Inspiration to be creative and the Teaching to be creative is received. 

We are Celebrating the Union of Life, the Union of Crystal. We are Celebrating the fact that Wholeness Lives within the Sun and that Crystal Direction is given. We Celebrate the fact that Details are present within Eternity, present within Communion and therefore we Promise the fact that Details will be Materialised, will be Crystallised within the Crystal Pattern of Venus. You are IN Love alive because you are alive within the Original Love that started Creation. You are alive as the Original Love because you are a Detail created from this Love in Creator. You are Divine and therefore you are creative. You are Divine, therefore you are Love. You are Divine and therefore you are ONE of the Union in Community, ONE of the Union of Details. BE a Detail in the Original Pattern, the Original Pattern of Love. BE a Detail in the Original Design, which is Crystallised. You are the Union of SunRays, you are the Union of planets in an entire System Reigned by ONE Direction in Sun. You Honour the Sun and you Honour the Moon and this Oneness is aligned with the Aquarian LAW. This Oneness is aligned with the planet Sirius. 

Terra and Venus are ONE Crystal Body and their Oneness Honours the Union of Human, Honours the Union of Humanity. Their Oneness gives to the Details, so the Details will Live and will be present in the Creation of the Loving Original Start to create. 

BE the Creator! BE the Original Love that creates. BE the Detail in materialised form when you are in Obedience to the Aquarian LAW Alive.  

ONE Sun is Reigning the Solar System and ONE LAW is Reigning planet Terra. ALL Details upon Terra know their LAW. ALL Details upon planet Terra know ONE Way, it is the Way in the Teaching, the Way in the LAW. It is the Way of the Ruby Heartbeat, of the Original Love of Creator. Live in this Heartbeat, Beat its Rhythm and the True Communion of Holy Spirit, the True Community in the Divine Order of the Crystallised Pattern will come to pass. It is Promised, it is Reality, it is the Rhythm of the Origin that Seals ALL in ONE that Seals ALL in ONE Union, ONE LAW in ONE Divine Pattern. 


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