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Written Dictation: The potential of 2015 is centred in LAW

To start a year with the Fullness of Youth, realising the freshness of Life in the Beginning, is starting the Promise of Union. Every year the Cycle of Life shows itself as the continuous momentum of Waves of Light. The Light released in the beginning of a year is Wonderful, filled with the Promise of Wonders and Magic that can be realised in the Righteous Actions of Creativity. Righteous Creativity is in the Creative Power of Promise, the Creative Power Alive in All embodied. This Power is enlightened in the Beginning, it receives Inspiration.  

To be Inspired is to touch the multidimensional Truth of Life, or Light. The Light has many dimensions in the simple fact that Eternal Light is Designed in Details. It is Designed in the way that All Details Express the frequency Living in Eternity. As ONE, they show the Magic of Light, the Magic that can be created with the Actions of Will. Creative Power is the Action of Will Multiplied with the Power of Promise. IN Promise is the Great Power to begin Creation. Therefore, in the beginning of the year, the Great Power of Promise is Active.  

This Power is Activated in every Detail, by the fact that the Fullness of Youth is Present in the year its Beginning. The Fullness of Youth has the potential of the year in itself, it has the Design and the Straightness in itself, where the Year can blossom and realise the Promised Life. Based upon the Power in Promise in All Details, this potential of Youth will be realised. In the Creative Power of the Promise in the Details, is the Right to create the potential of Full Youth.  

2015 is a year that has a Promise in LAW. The Promise in LAW Lives in the fact that that Aquarian LAW is Beginning. 2015 therefore is the Beginning of Creation of a New year and the Beginning of LAW unfolding. Therefore the Power in the Beginning of this year, is multiplied. The Beginning is MORE than in other years. In this Beginning is the Multiplication of Promise given, which gives the potential to create the Original Design. Creating this Design is Equal to creating Love, to Crystallising matter.  

2015 has the potential to create Love, Original Love. It has the potential in Youth to have Details manifest as the Loving Original Beginning of All. This Original Beginning is MORE in the start of the Year, whereby all Details receive the Inspiration to create IN the Cycle of Truth of this Beginning. All Details receive the LAW in this Beginning, which means that All have the Centre of Life in their midst. To have LAW in their midst is the gift of Original Love and the gift to make Inspiration Righteous.  

It means that 2015 starts with the Centred Power of LAW in the Details. In All Details is the Right to create the Light of the Promise. The Promise is the United Reality of the Wholeness of Life. 2015 therefore has the potential to realise the Wholeness of Life, in Detailed form. It has the potential to show the Centre of every ONE, because the LAW is in the midst of every ONE. Showing the Centre of Life as LAW, is realised in the Reality of Original Being of the Details. Every Detail is Original, every Detail is Beginning and Ending in the Wholeness of Life.  

The Order that comes from the Centred fact of Light and Life, is the potential for 2015 to be realised as manifest Creation and circumstances. Because the year is starting in the Moon of Peace, every Light in Detailed Eternity receives the Peaceful Beginning in Multiplied Power of Promise. Peace is the Realisation of the detail that can Rest in Eternity, by Creating it Self. The Peaceful Moon gives her Impulse to create the Ordered Wholeness of Life in the Detailed Original Love. Love is Ordered, Love is the Wholeness of Life that can only be seen as Wholeness because of the Centre of LAW.

The Year is Beginning in the Full Potential of Youth, a Potential of Ordered Reality of the Details. The Order is in the ONE Centre of Life; LAW and Sun. The Ordered Wholeness manifest as Creation, is the Original Design with which everything Begins. Manifesting this design is the potential of 2015, because this means manifesting the Crystal lines of the Wholeness of Life in its Original potential of Youth. The Eternal Details are created in the Power of Promise, the Power that gives Light to Creativity. Creative Freedom is in Beauty. Human is United in the Straight lines of LAW, in the Straight lines of the Design that is the Ending as material Light of unfolding LAW.  

A Year is Promised to All, a Potential is Promised to All. Realising this Promise is in the VOW of ONE. ONE Detail is a VOW, ONE Detail is Dimension of Light that is Designed to be materialised in the Order of LAW, the Order of the Original Loving Act to Create.  



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