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Written Dictation: Emerald Ray Begins 2015

Truth is arising in the Stones of Emerald who Live in the crystallised base given by Venus. Venus is Living its Light and its Purpose in the Crystal Particles of his Body. The Body of Venus is Bright in Beginning, Bright in the Clarity of Crystal. Crystal planet provides the space for the Stones to abide in the Order of Crystal, which is the Order that realise the Crystal Patterns of Divinity. These Patterns are the Truth of the Details of I Deity, the Identity of God in Detailed Light.  

In the Stones of Truth, the Emerald Tone Lives. In Crystal this Tone is Active, in Crystal is the Truth arising for every Detail. The rising of Truth is in the Beginning of 2015 the gift of the Emerald Ray in the Sun. It is given within the Crystal Direction, to be able to fulfil the potential of 2015 in creating the Crystal Design, creating Love. Love Lives on the base of Truth, Love is Alive in the Ordered Reality that comes with Truth. Emerald Light is the Presence of Truth in the Wholeness of Crystal. Wholeness of Crystal is guaranteed in the Righteousness of planet Venus.  

Terra and Venus enter the Beginning as ONE. This Oneness is enlightened in Cosmos by the fact that all planets are aligned and that all planets Obey the Crystal Direction of Sun. The Sun gives its Power of Emerald Ray in the Promised Beginning. The Beginning IS in Emerald, the Beginning IS in the Reality of Crystal Clarity. Creation coming from this Beginning, is a Creation of Worthy Crystal. A Creation of Wholeness in the Cells and Atoms created by the Beginning, by Power to Create. Creativity in the Beginning is Full, is Light. Creativity is Full of Imagination in the Beginning of Life.  

In 2015 the Creativity is enhanced by the simple fact that the Crystal Design will be materialised. The more is created from this Design and its Patterns, the more Creativity can Live in the Details within the Design. The Worth of every Detail in the Design is Active, because of the Emerald Tone Living in the Wholeness of the Design. This is the Wholeness of the Beginning and Ending. The Crystal Design is Alive in the Core of Venus, from this Core it is given to Terra. Because they are ONE.  

In ONE 2015 is beginning, in ONE the Eternal Stream of Light of All Details in VOW, is reality. Meaning that in the ONE Beginning of 2015, Details have the potential to be Right in the Crystal Design and to realise throughout 2015 their Worth in Truth. This Worth is the Truth of Love, it is the fact that Details are Promised and that Details have a VOW. In VOW is one’s Worth, one’s Purpose. The Crystal Design is the Purpose of Light to be Life. The Purpose of Every Detail will shine in the Promising 2015, in the Emerald Tone of 2015. Details Live in the Crystal Design, Details Live in the Union of Light as the Wholeness in Crystal Direction.  



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