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Written Dictation - Details in Rays Create Love

Released is the Fire of Truth in the Cosmos, awakening Details in Radiant Sun. The Rays in the Sun all bring Colours and Tones in the Detailed manifestation of the Crystal Direction. Crystal Direction is given to All, but in the awareness and consciousness over the fact that Eternity is Detailed. In the Sun Rays the Direction is Personal, Individual. The Wholeness of the Sun shines in the Beauty of every Detail, Directing entire Life to create the Crystal Design and to be the Living Union of Creator and Creation.  

In this Union is the Crystal Design alive, in the Union of materialised Reality of the Purpose of Eternity. It is the Original Purpose of Eternity to be manifest in Details, in Love. Love is always Detailed, Love is differentiated in many Colours and many Tones. Every Tone is a Sound of Love, every Tone shows the Creative Power of First Creator and the Multiplied Reality of this First Creativity. A Detail shows the fact that Light is created in a variety that is Magical. The Magical Gift of Life is in Details shown, therefore Details show Love or ARE Love.  

Crystal Design gives space to every Detail, to every Individual. Every Individual Lives in Union with the Whole, in Union with the Reality of Creative Power of Creator. All Life is Living in the Path of Love, because Life is Detailed. The Direction of the Sun Rays is Crystal Design. It is the Direction that enables the Detail to create the Crystal Design, to create itself as Love. It enables the Detail to realise itself as an Individual, Divinity in All. All Details are Divine, but you can be a Detail when you are connected to the Whole, to All. Which means that Divinity in All states that Details are Present and Alive. Without the Wholeness of Life, there are no Details.  

The Sun Directs the Whole in the fact that it Directs the Details. Every Ray shines for the Whole and shines for the Individual. To be inspired by the Individual Direction in the Sun, is to be inspired in the Creativity of ONE. ONE is the VOW of a Detail, the Promised Reality that makes the Detail part of the Design. The Crystal Design shows the Geometry of Crystal in a variety of ways, in the varieties of Love. Love is a variety of Tones, in the Wholeness Sounding as the Music of the Spheres. It is the Music that IS Harmonious, the Tone that IS in Truth.  

The Wholeness of Life in Details Divine, shines in Truth, shines in the Tone of Truth. Magical Creation is in the Power of First Creator Beginning and is Ending in the Multiplication of this Power. Multiply the Promise of Details and Love is surely created as it IS Designed.  


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