King Christ and Queen Crystal – World in Motion


We visited on this Celebration of Community day an exposition of ice sculptures at the city Zwolle. International ice artists transformed frozen water into works of art. It was called World in Motion, the sculptures were various vehicles, vessels, and aircrafts. Although the first sculpture we saw, was a surprise. It was a sculpture of Leonardo da Vinci. He made many types of vehicles to come in motion. The last exposition we visited was from him.  

Before we saw the exposition, we spoke about Ice. We were here to bring the ice in motion. Cold relates to dead. We hardened our bodies. When we were born, we were imprinted immediately with the destiny to die; at least the body has learned that. 

We were there to awaken the ice. We brought the living motion (the motion of the oneness of awareness and consciousness in this exposition and in our lives. We brought motion so that matter can move; it is our continuous goal to live eternal. We passed on the direction of the Sun to the whole.  

The ice was there because of the Snow King and Queen. They have preserved the ice until Terra and humanity were ready to take care of Terra in ONEness. We can give proper direction to the ice, to the water with the immaculate heartbeat.  

The flames on the Altar of Life relate to our details. The 7 basic flames created by the 8 Holy Kumaras are awakening. The 8th basic flame was latent. This flame makes it possible for humanity to multiply the basic flames. Every particle of Life comes in motion and is enlightened. 


Mura and Isabel sat during this dictation in a sledge of ice.     

With the Queen of Crystal, you have arrived on the Beginning of a Journey that sets the Whole World in Motion. It is with the Queen of Crystal that you ride this sledge and that you can give the Direction of the LAW and Government in Order to spread the True Crystal, which is hidden in the ice. When the ice starts to move, when ice is in Motion, the Crystal is spread all over the Globe. It will come into the veins of the planet, in the veins of Terra, which is the Truth of Ruby. Therefore the Crystal is in Motion in the Ruby Light, in the Ruby Pathway which is created by all your ancestors and all ancestors are therefore Awakening and Enlightening within the Matter as it is created right now. This is the Key to Awaken the Wholeness of Matter, this is the Key to make the Wholeness of Matter set in Motion. 

Be therefore the Spirit that rides this sledge. Be therefore the Mother that rides the sledge and be the Truth in Union of Crystal, the Union that is living in Queen Crystal. It is in the Pathway and in the footsteps of King Christ that Terra is the Truth of the Christianity, the Truth of the First Religion that was given by Zarathustra in the Oneness of Venus and Terra. Therefore, the Crystal will spread in the Motion of Ice, the Crystal will spread and Matter will Move. The Pearl of Wisdom will be given from the Inner of the planet, from the Inner Truth of Venus. In their Union you will set the Journey, the Journey of Ruby, the Journey that is to create Love. Love that is Eternal, Love that is True Motion. Love that is the Wonders and Imagination as seen in the Dream of Merlin.  

Be therefore King. Be therefore Queen. Be the Christ. Be the LAW. Be Government. Be every Element that is in Motion. Be All that is ONE and Be ONE that is ALL because you are the ONE that Reigns and Directs the Matter in Motion, the Matter of Crystal Clarity. 


The Holy Kumaras


This second dictation is given at the end of the Celebration of Community day. After the visit to the ice sculptures, we walked to the center of Zwolle. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant. We talked about the given dictation in the sledge. Something in the Crystal gives the direction, Mura experienced this week that this is the immaculate. Therefore, the coming Moon is the Immaculate Moon. We have to give direction to the sledge, the sledge from the North.  

The Flame of Purity is to come in motion. We talked about the past because we are busy with the Summit Lighthouse how to let them know that we have received the torch to continue their lessons. We received the flame of Purity from Serapis Bey at the end of 2009 and this has given us the chance to purify everything we came across during the last 5 years. 

We talked about the Apocalypse. Mura told that the Apocalypse is the motion of matter. A lot of movies are giving the idea that the motion of matter will dissolve us or annihilate us. But now we know that we can give direction through Law and Mother to matter. Now matter starts to move we have the response-ability to give it direction. 

Revelation is the unfolding from matter/spirit as ONE  

We did the decree Ordering Right. 


Unleash now the Truth in Immaculate Bright 

Creating Reality, Fire IN Right 

Multiply Patterns of Beauty and Peace 

Come to White Fire, Human unleash! 


You have given Purpose today to Community. You have given Purpose today to the Command to Unite. To come into Unity is a global process. To come into Unity is the function of the entire World and is the responsibility of the entire World. 

You have served the Power of Community and you have been giving of your Detail in the willingness to Unite, in the Obedience to the Command to Unite. 

So come into Unity is a gift that is heard, a gift that is given in flesh, in Matter. Material Creation is willing to Unite and therefore it is opening up, it is revealing itself as the Truth of Nature. In Revelation of Matter, as the Truth of Nature, it shows the Details, it shows the LAWs of Aquarius and it shows the Original Patterns of Life. This Original Pattern is the Original Design called the Crystal Design. And in Crystal Design, indeed the Command to Unite -Community- will be manifest and is a fact. Crystal Design thus opens up or is rising when Matter is in Motion. The Awakening of Matter is the Awakening of the Details in Matter and the Awakening of the Flames. 

Today you have given to Community because you have honoured the Flames of Community, you have honoured the Flames on the Altar of Life. You have added your Self to this Altar, you have Promised your Self to Matter. In so doing you are gathered and you are revealing the Truth of Nature within your Self. That this is happening is the breakthrough of the ONE of Awareness and Consciousness, that this is coming to pass, is the Promise that was given in the Book of Revelation. 

I will say therefore that you have done well, that you have done well in Honouring, that you have done well in Obeying, to Obey the Command to Unite and to Honour the Truth of All Details and Flames. 

The Altar of Life as ONE planet is in Honouring and in Obedience to the Union of the Crystal Planet Alive. Therefore the Crystallisation of Matter as the Truth of Nature is given and is coming to pass. You have done well and we have done well because we all are coming into Unity. We All are Commanding to Unite and we All are Obeying this same Command. 

We are the Union of the World. We are the Union upon this planet. We are the servants of the Flames upon the Altar and so are you. Serve thus and let Nature grow. Serve and make the Crystalline Patterns of the Crystal Design Reality, a Reality as manifest form, a Reality as Transparent form Alive in Motion. 


Thanks for your contribution!