The Invitation of the retreat in Poland reached us already in November 2014. A part of the invitation follows here. We were invited by Uriël and Aurora.


The Inspiration of March is the Renewal in itself, empowered by the Resurrection Flame which is United with the Truth of Awakening and Ascension. In Union these Flames are Equal, Directing matter into Eternity. The Focus of Poland is to hold the Union of these Three Flames in ONE Straight Direction. Poland serves the Union of Europe, in order to have the Ascension of Origin in All Present. The Presence of the Origin Flourishes in Spring. The Presence of the Origin enlightens the world after darkness.  

Come to the Land of Resurrection that serves Union of Europe. Come to the Light of Origin that finds its Straight Way in the Core of White Fire where NEW Details arise in Eternal Direction. Realise Future and her unfolding by empowering Peaceful Poland in all corners of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.  

Gracious is the Light in waves given, Beautiful is The Path of Ascension and Victorious is Realised Union in LAW its Command.  

We rented a house in South Western Poland at a village called Stara Kamienica situated in the region Silesia. Stara means old and Kamienica is a river in this area. 

March 19th we went with 15 persons to Poland. We drove with the Ascending All bus and two other cars. From Dresden we drove together. We were at Stara Kamienica in the late afternoon. After diner, we started in the living room with a dictation. Mura asked us to sit on the floor, close your eyes (except Isabel), really tight and keep them closed until I say that you can open them.  


Come forth in the Sunlight. Come forth in the Rain. Come forth in the Blessing of Wind. Realise that we All are united in ONE Hopeful Destiny, that we All are united in ONE Path of Light. This Path has the Colour of Ruby; it is the Colour of your Nature, the Colour of your base. Your base lives in White Fire but in the Union of All and in the Clarification of the Aquarian principles, your base lives in Ruby. 

The Way of Ruby, the Path of Light is open for you and invites Life. Your Life is Precious, your Life is Love. Your Life is in the Light of White Fire. 

We are united as Details upon ONE Way within ONE Goal. Our Destiny lives in the Reality of Hope, in the Reality of the Aquarian Deity. 

We Obey and we Honour his Direction, his Power, his Nurturance and his Reigning Truth. Hope is the Way in which we All find Home. Hope is the Way, which is the Path of Resurrection, Awakening and Ascension. 

In the Union of our Details we are the Symbol of Hope. In the Union of All Natural Colours within the Aquarian Principles alive, we are the Reality of the Rainbow. The Rainbow is the Symbol of Hope, it is the Promise of Life given to All. It is the Promise of the Union of Light, Life and Love. Therefore, the Rainbow will shine when you Come Forth in the Sunlight, when you Come Forth in the Rain, when you Come Forth in the Blessing of Wind. The Rainbow shines from your Inner Heartbeat. This inner beat will Blossom. This inner beat will Reign when you are aligned with the Aquarian Principles, with the Aquarian Constitution. 

Honour your place and Honour All because ALL are ONE in the Truth of the Rainbow. ALL are ONE in the Direction of Hope. So Hope is our Course, Hope is our Way. And our Creation is the Reality of ALL Colours united in ONE Bow, ONE Bow, the Rainbow. This Bow is the Creation of the Ruby Way, of the Ruby Path. 

Live your Colour. Breathe your Nature. You are Blessed in the Flame of Hope. You are Blessed in the Life of the Rainbow. You are Blessed with the Flames for Humanity. 

Mura continued. Breathe in and out en relax. And when I do 3, 2, 1 you can open your eyes but then with knowing consciously that we are all in the Rainbow. We are in the Rainbow embraced. We are ALL in ONE and ONE in ALL. So breathe in and out. Relax.  

Three, two, one...  

Addition: It was nice, we felt during the dictation that something touched our legs. When we looked up we had all one pillow on our legs. Mura bought already in The Netherlands pillows in all kind of colours. For every one, one pillow. Mura told that we would change the pillows the whole time we would be in Poland to experience which colour belongs to our VOW to create the Aquarian rainbow. 


Thanks for your contribution!