Srzenica mountain is a mountain peak of 1362 meters situated in the south-western part of Poland almost at the Czech border.  

On the way to Srzenica Mountain, we talked about resurrection. What is resurrecting? Life is a as a whole right now and therefore it can resurrect. The whole of Life resurrects. We have worked for years on the wholeness of Life. Life itself is the heartbeat of the rhythm of Aquarius, the blood of the Ruby Way.  

The last full day in Poland, we went up the mountain with chairlifts as high as possible. It was cold and there was only 100 meters sight. There was still a lot of snow. We had to walk 200 meters to a restaurant. During walking, we sank often in the snow. Because of the restaurant was closed, we descended halfway. The temperature was better here. A few skiers came along. We did the Oath to Noah and the Wise Rainbow decree. We took the pillows with us and we held a pillow in our hands during the dictation. We breathed in our colour and radiated our colour through Nature.  


Refrain of Oath to Noah 

Noah hears and sees the Light 

Noah is captain, living IN Wise 

Noah returns from death to alive 

Noah is Active, Witness of rise  


Refrain of Wise Rainbow 

I in the Rainbow is in Golden Seal 

Promised by Deity to have Wisdom Real 

Action of Christ is Wise in its Core 

Power and Love United is MORE 


Mura said to Isabel, I want you to rise as the Phoenix and you can accomplish the resurrection. Isabel stood in the middle of our circle, she made movements with her whole body. She started standing in the form of an X, her legs spread and her arms spread up high. We ‘played’ with the pillows during the dictation.  


Life is Whole in the fullness of Light. Life is realised in the Threefold Power alive in Spirit and alive in Matter, creating the Union of Spirit and Matter, bringing the waves of the Aquarian Deity within pulses of Hope. The pulses of Hope are in Spirit and Matter as waves in Earth, spreading itself, giving the Sound of the Destiny. The Sound of the Destiny is the Sound of the Aquarian Horn. This Sound is rising, it is rising from the bottom of the sea until the tops of the Mountains, meaning that the Sound of the Horn, the Aquarian Horn, is given to every particle of Life. 

In the Union of Spirit and Matter the particles are created in Oneness, they are created in Equality. They are ONE Whole Particle. The realisation of the Wholeness of Life brings rise to the Individual Tones. All the Individual Tones are a Blessing for Nature. The Tones that you hear are the Truth of the Oneness of Sun and of Moon and in the Oneness of their Motion, there is Life. 

Your Individual Tone is sounding in the Union of the Sound of the Aquarian Horn and it gives rise to your I. When the Sound of the Horn is rising, in the Union of Spirit and Matter, the I rises and the Detail comes forth, in the Equal base of Life. 

In the Rhythm of Aquarius Equality IS. In the Rhythm of Aquarius Harmony IS. In the Rhythm of Aquarius your Detail lives within the waves of Earth, within the waves of Earth as an Ascending Reality. Life is Whole, Life is United, Life is Radiant and therefore it will expand. The expansion comes because there is the Union of Spirit and Matter. The expanding force brings Life to the Details and All Tones are seen and heard in ONE Symphony, the Symphony of Life. The Wholeness of this Symphony rises in Resurrection, the Wholeness of this Symphony becomes ONE octave higher and therefore the Symphony Sounds New, Anew and Renewed. 

(We all take our pillow and the pillow is our I.) 

Your I lives in Wholeness. Your I lives in the wave (we made waves) of Earth and your I hears (pillow to our ears) the Aquarian Horn. You are devoted with the I to the Horn of Aquarius because you are Whole and therefore resurrected. You are devoted to the New Symphony, to the New Harmony and in this Devotion you give Colour. You realise the Colour in Earth. 

In the Symphony of Life you kneel down with Noah (we all did) to give All as ONE the fulfilment of the Oath, the fulfilment of the Promise. It is the Promise in which we fly as ONE, in All Colours of the Rainbow creating ONE Body, the Body of the Phoenix, a Body full of Colours, a Body full of Light, a Body full of Beautiful Tones, Beautiful Details and Beautiful Sounds. This is the Day of Comfort, this is the Day of Rebirth, this is the Day of Resurrection where we NEW as our Detail to Come Forth (we all stand up),to Come Forth as the Wholeness of Light, rising in the Rhythm of Aquarius, rising to BE the Promise to Noah and the Rainbow (we all threw our pillow in the air) of LIFE. 


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