Celebration of 6 years The-Invitation.  

Mura referred to the beginning of The-Invitation six years ago. It was Eastern then and because of the nice wetter, we could do a lot outdoors of the centre. During our gathering now, the Sun was shining and so we were outside on the benches.  

The number of members has not grown much in these six years. Inwardly we have grown and we believe in the teachings and our messages. The change in humanity and the world is possible. We feel the Truth of Hope. Hope is unfolding in the details coming from the oneness with the Aquarian Deity. It is enlightened by White fire. 



On behalf of the Aquarian Council, I come to you to direct the Word to every Detail that is listening. I direct the Word to every Awake Light that shines within the Rainbow of Aquarius and I give the Word in order to manifest the Invitation of Aquarius. Years ago the Invitation for Aquarius has been given to Humanity. And there were amongst Humanity and there are amongst Humanity who hear this Invitation of Life. 

It is the Invitation of Life in Aquarian Ray. The Aquarian Ray starts to manifest more and more because the Invitation of Life is created, it is multiplied, it is growing. Life itself is inviting itself in the Aquarian Way more and more. This is Done because the Details who listen to the Voice of the Aquarian Council, have come together. They are in Communion; they are united. In the Union that has grown over the years, the Invitation of Life is becoming stronger. The Power therefore of the Invitation of Light, Life and Love in Union, becomes a manifest Reality, it is materialising. The Materialisation of the Invitation of Life, lives within the Detail of Community, here within The Netherlands. The Netherlands have given of itself in order to let Communion grow within the Aquarian Principles, within the Aquarian Constellation and therefore it is the Aquarian Ray and Way. 

The Word of the Aquarian Council touches All Details, the Details that listen to the Invitation of Light, Life and Love. The Details are coming into a Constellation themselves, meaning that the Aquarian Ray starts to materialise and crystallise in a Constellation of Details, the Constellation that is Humanity. Human Race listens to the Voice of the Aquarian Council because Human Race is starting to Awaken. The Awakening takes place because the Invitation of Life is giving its Voice, it is giving its Sound, it is giving its Tone. It is the Aquarian Invitation, it is the Aquarian Tone, it is Life, Light and Love in Union that lives as the Aquarian Principle of Community. 

We have come into Unity, we as the Aquarian Council. And we have done so to be the Equivalent of those in Matter who are in Communion, who live there Life in finding the Truth of their Detail, in finding the Reality of materialising Life in Details, Life that is reigned by the Rainbow. The Rainbow of Aquarius is certainly what lives today, is certainly what lives within this hour. 

The Celebration of today is that we celebrate the Invitation that Life gives in the Aquarian Ray. Therefore we celebrate that the Aquarian Way is living. It is the living Manifestation, materialised and crystallised. The Aquarian Way shows itself as the Ruby Path. This Ruby Path is unfolding as Matter, it is unfolding as particles filled with Destiny, the Destiny that is coming from the Wish to Love. 

The Destiny of the Details in Communion is first and foremost to realise Hope because in Honouring the Aquarian Deity, in walking the Aquarian Way, we materialise Hope. This Hope gives Life, Light and Love to the Detail, to manifest itself as a Facet of White Fire, as a Crystallised atom. The Detail itself gives its Colour and therefore we materialise the Rainbow, the Rainbow of Aquarius. Life therefore is an Invitation, Light is an Invitation and Love is an Invitation. Because in the Union of Life, Light and Love, the Invitation of the Wholeness of Matter, the Invitation of the Wholeness of White Fire, the Invitation of the Wholeness of Spirit, is given. 

In Communion, Spirit and Matter are ONE. In Communion, the Wholeness of White Fire is materialising, meaning that White Fire is Multiplied. In multiplying White Fire, Colours and Sounds become alive. Colour and Sounds become Love and Colour and Sound IS in Light. 

We are gathered today. We are gathered as the Aquarian Council. We are living within the Detail of Community, living within The Netherlands. And our Host today, the Host of The Netherlands Djwal Kul, has promised us that we will celebrate the Details, that we will celebrate the Light of everyone, that we will celebrate the Rainbow that is shining and that we will celebrate the Way of the Aquarian Ray. The Aquarian Ray lives within Communion. It is in the Community of Holy Spirit that the Details are alive within the Invitation of Life itself. Therefore the Invitation Life, Light and Love is within All of you, within All of us. It is within the Detail itself, it lives within the Deity. The Aquarian Deity is full of Hope, your Detail is full of Hope. Our Details are full of Light, Life and Love and they are therefore full of the Invitation. Every Detail itself invites Life to become More, it invites Light to shine and radiate and it invites Love to be the Way. The Way of Ruby, which is the Way in the Aquarian Constellation. 

The Aquarian Council guards and guides the Aquarian Constellation so it can materialise. The Aquarian Council guards and guides All the Details who listen to the Invitation of the Aquarian Principles. The Details willing to Obey and Honour the Aquarian Deity to live in Hope. 

In Hope we are gathered, in Hope we are sealed. In Hope we are materialising the True Rainbow of Aquarius. Every Colour is in Radiant Sound, every Colour is in the Brightness of Hope. Every Colour is in a Golden Sealing touched with Violet.  

Therefore we come together today. We are united, we are in Communion. In this Communion the Rainbow of Aquarius is More, the Rainbow of Aquarius is in Hope. 

The Netherlands serve as Community. The Details in The Netherlands serve to give Power and Materialisation to Community. Materialising Community is the Purpose of this year, it is the Purpose to realise the Design of Communion. 

You are on your Way, it is the Path of Ruby, the Path of Light, Life and Love. You have come today together, you have come to Celebrate and you have come to be anointed in flesh upon the Aquarian Way. So listen to the Word of the Aquarian Council. Listen and realise that you are worthy to be seen that you are worthy to Radiate your Light that you are worthy to Live in Hope and that you are worthy to Love in Communion. Community of the Holy Spirit is the ONE Base of the Aquarian Way and it lives within the Aquarian Ray. 

We are gathered therefore within the Aquarian Ray. We are gathered and we are the ONE Rainbow that is seen within the sky and that is seen within Earth because Father Sky and Mother Earth are ONE and in this Communion, Life comes to pass, Life is created from Light and in Love. In this Union of Light, Life and Love the Communion is Fact, the Communion that IS the Reality of ONE Invitation. It is the Invitation of the Origin, the Invitation of White Fire, the Invitation of All Colours to be Real, to be Manifest as Matter, to BE Living Holy Spirit. 


Mura added a short meditation: Sit straight and relax. Your Detail is in Right. It is straight and active, full of Hope to create and to express the destiny of Terra. In being straight, in being in Right we fulfil our destiny in oneness with the destiny of Terra. The whole destiny, the wholeness of Life we create with Love and Light. Breathe in and out and in the straightness of your being, you experience the Detail in RIGHT. 


Thanks for your contribution!