The regular Thursday morning walk we took on the Loonse en Drunense Duinen this week. It is a National park near the Beekse Bergen with woods, moorland and shifting sands.  

We walked circa an hour and talked about Centaurs. The Centaur is the origin of human and animal. Isabel wrote about the Centaurs. They are Present to spread the Sound and realise the Communion of Matter with the Aquarian Constellation. Light of Aquarius Lives within the Principles of Nature.  

During the night Mura was aware of false elementals. Our body is influenced by them and we experience thereby for example threat or blame. The Centaurs give the sound to shoo the false elementals. Mura sees through the false elementals. King and Queen of Nature need to reign over the elementals.  

Because awareness is growing, the body dares to form itself to who we are. Matter is going to be so safe that it can listen to our I. 


When we were on the shifting sands, we did a meditation. We held hands and stood in a circle. 

The circle is the Sun and the Moon. We are going to move clockwise, to move the Sun, the Sun in Motion. We stir up the Fire, the Air, the Water, the Earth and the Sun. And then the other way around, we move the Moon. We are the Moon and again the Sun; the Dance of the Sun and the Moon.  

Breathe in and out. And stir in, in the motion of Sun and Moon, the I, the White Fire in you. Experience then the Awakening of your Natural Being. Be the Awakening of your Natural Being. (We are protected by the children; they made a circle around us in the sand) 

Let your hands free and relax, relax. 

Again, awaken the Natural Light of your being, awaken the Light of your Natural Being. Awaken, Awaken in the Natural Light of who you are. So breathe in and breathe out, give Air, give Fire, give Water, give Earth, to rise your Self, your Natural Self. 

In the rising of the Four Elements as ONE in your Being, the Elementals are called to create ONE Body. ONE Body that gives the expression of your VOW, that gives the expression for the VOW of Terra. All the Elementals are summoned to create the Natural Body, to BE the Natural Body.  

Breathe well. 


Creation started with a hand full of Sand (Isabel took a handful of sand in her right hand.) Creation started with the wish to create. When the Word was given, Breath touched the Sand and when the Sand started to move it created Water. (Isabel gave her outbreath and the sand scattered over the earth.) 

In the Reality of the Sand (Isabel took again sand in her right hand) the Fire lives. When breath is added it touches the Well of Life.  

From the Union of Fire and Well the Crystal Core of every Grain of Sand comes into being. 

And to Order the Creation of Crystal Reality, God created Elements, God created Elementals. Water, Fire, Air and Earth are united in God’s Word and united in God’s Hand which is the Hand of Creator. 

Water has its servants which are the Elementals. Fire has its servants which are the Elementals. Air has its servants and so has Earth. The Elementals serve the Elements in the Hand of Creator. In so doing they Honour the Crystal Core of every Element, they Honour the Crystal Core of All the Grains of Sand that were in the Beginning. 

In the Beginning you were a Grain of Sand. In the Beginning you are a Grain of Sand, Sand in the Hand of Creator. The Command to Live is given with Breath. Thus, the Crystal Core of the Grain of Sand receives the Command to Live and to become Form. (Isabel gave her outbreath) 

The LAW Commands and the Word is given. The LAW Commands and Life starts to Move. In the Union of Fire and Well, every Grain of Sand has the Opportunity to become Form and (and every grain of sand has the opportunity) to be moulded in the Hand of every Creator. Every Detail creates and every Detail Honours the Crystal Core in the Grains of Sand. Your Natural Being exists within a Grain of Sand. Your Natural Being flourishes because Sand has given or has received Breath. In the Union of Four Elements, Water, Air, Fire and Earth, in this Union is the Reality to Come Forth as a Flower and to realise the Detail of ONE Crystal Core. A Whole Body exists because the Beginning was and is in the Hands of Creator and from this Beginning is the Ending that makes a Whole Body, that Honours the LAW that is united in All Elements. 

So let Water bless every Grain of Sand so the Well unites with the Fire in Sand. Life is open to become Form in the Righteous Life of Elements and in the servants of every Element. 

Serve thy Elementals, the Elements in Right. Protect Human Nature and realise the Wholeness of a Body in every Core alive. Realise the Wholeness of a Crystal Detail in the Perfect Geometry of Fire and Well as ONE. 


Thanks for your contribution!