We celebrated Mothers day this morning. Mura laid down a coloured pillow for everyone. We used these pillows for the first time in Poland.  

There were three new PowerPoint presentations of the last three decrees. We did them all and talked about the pictures. 

Well Come Home Decree  


HOME is in Motion of Eternal Space 

Opening Nature in Free Human Race 

Rising are Details Awakened in Right 

Obedient Matter Honours Moon Light 

Mura searched after pictures of temples for the ‘Well Come Home’ decree. She hit upon many White Fire temples. The first picture of this decree remembers us of the White Fire and of Zoroastrianism.  The picture made me think of the mountain of Montségur which we are going to visit again this year. The Catharism has its roots in Zoroastrianism and Christianity. The Cathars favoured the John gospel. On another picture can be seen the symbol of Zoroastrianism. It represents the Sun with wings and it is a reminder of Ahura Mazda, Zoroastrianism’s chief god, Creator of Human. We call him Sanat Kumara. 

Well to Aquarius decree  


Well is IN Fire Original Stream 

Sun Rays in Disk give Aquarian Beam 

Fire IN Well is Heartbeat of All 

In Blueprint their Union is Living Crystal  

During the meeting, we ignited the White Fire for mother and therefore the details are precipitated again. For this we used the pillows. (see Poland retreat) In mother springs the detail. Mother gives so the detail can spring.  

Awakening Violet decree 


Awaken the Morning, Awaken the Day 

Bring Resurrection in Awakening May 

Direct the True Purpose of Living in Sync 

Draw all the lines, Unite Blue and Pink 

The last sentence of this decree ‘Patterns Awaken, make Sun shine Real!’ reminded Mura of the next moon. It is the moon of order. Mura/LAW needs to bring order. By the awakening Truth in and on our planet the light of the Sun gives direction for the order in the patterns/lines. The SUN shines REAL. 


We were sitting in a shape of a heart. By clapping our hands on our thighs and moving our hands forwards, we made the rhythm of a heartbeat. Four in One. In four parts and telling ONE TWO THREE FOUR we made the beat. Mura started and then in three parts we went a long, again and again beating the rhythm.  

In the rhythm Mura said, feel your heart, experience the details, all details. The details have the right to beat. Know that every detail is touched in the rhythm of the heart; the Heart of Aquarius. Mura reduced the tempo and then we held our hands before our heart. 


ONE  TWO  THREE  FOUR. Fire, Air, Water, Earth. ONE  TWO, Three, Four, your Heart, your Hands, your Mind, your Feet. 

ALL of Life is in Wholeness created, in the Rhythm of Aquarius. In the Rhythm of Aquarius the Details Come Forth in the Bliss of Nature. 

It is the Body -the Whole Body- which is Awakening in the Moonlight, Awakening in the Direction of the Sunlight. And therefore, the Union of One, Two, Three and Four, the Union of Water, Air, Fire and Earth becomes the Reality of a detailed Form. It gives the Geometrical Perfection that lives within the Rhythm of Aquarius that lives within the Heartbeat of ALL, which is the Heartbeat of ONE. From ONE Heartbeat the Detail springs and it realises the Crown on Creation. 

When you spring as a Detail, you fly like the butterfly. You are free to spread your wings and show your Colour. With the Motion of your wings you touch Air, you touch Water, you touch Fire and you touch Earth. Therefore your Vibration, your Frequency, your Sound and your Colour is within All the Elements alive within All the Elements present. When you move your wings, you touch Creation and in this way your Detail is spread, is given in Form. 

In the Union, in the Alignment of One, Two, Three and Four, of Water, Air, Fire and Earth, the Body is Whole as Heart, Hands, Mind and Feet. ONE Whole Body that lives within ONE Destiny, Aware and Awake, conscious of the fact that Life is a Wholeness that Life lives in ONE Goal. In this ONE Goal every Detail is present in the Equality of ONE Heartbeat, in the Equality of ONE Vision and in the Equilibrium of the Sun Disc that directs ALL. 

You are alive within the Sound of Aquarius, you are alive within the Rhythm of Aquarius. You are alive within ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR. You are therefore alive in the Equilibrium that gives you Wholeness, Awareness and Consciousness. And in this, you Breathe the Natural Rhythm of your Detail, the Natural Rhythm that is embraced within the Rhythm of Aquarius that serves ALL. 

You are a Detail, a Detail serving ALL, a Detail Honouring ONE. Your Detail lives in Creation and in Creator. Your Detail is alive in Wholeness, in Oneness. Your Detail is alive in the Basic Tone of the Aquarian Sound that is in the Base. Therefore you rise, you give your Detail, you spring and you are the Crown as Creation. 

Mura continued. Relax, you can feel that you are sitting here as a Detail, a detailed expression of Sun and Moon. Breathe in and out and come back. 


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