The first of June 2015 we received the Invitation to come to France. It was an invitation to Free Beauty. The Promise of Freedom is impregnated in France. This retreat was to learn in comfort about creative actions of the details. In preparation of this retreat we thought about Chateau the Liberté of Paul the Venetian and Ruth Hawkins. 

On August 7th we went with 27 people to Labastide-Savès in France. We were driving in 5 cars. The Ascending All bus with Mura left last and they drove the whole night. During a Beautiful red Sunset they entered France. Then this dictation was given. In the morning they arrived as first at the destination. Later on the day we all arrived.  


Fill up the Castles and come with your Grace. Welcome yourself in the Royal House of the LORD. 

We are awaiting the people of Communion. We are awaiting Man, Woman and Child because we invite the New Coming Life and the Renewal of Life. We have joined in Matrimony, in the Sacredness and in the Fullness of Light. Therefore we are gathered within the Sun and from the Sunrays, from the Wholeness of this Solar System, we give the Word to you. We bring forth the Word to Protect and to Seal, to bring forth everyone who is travelling on The Way. This is the Way of Ruby, the Way that is counselled by the Ruby Council. The Ruby Council Enlightens Humanity, the Ruby Council Enlightens the ones who are creative. And in Creativity the Details are arising, Details are Blossoming. 

You are expected in the Castles of Saint Germain. You are expected in the Castles of Paul the Venetian, meaning that you are invited to Live the Royal Life, to Live the Honest Life, to Live the Loving Life. This is Life in Truth, Life in the Sealing of VOW and Life in the Protection of Archangel Rafael.  

In this Protection is the Wholeness of Life and is the Activation of the Sealing of Life. It is by Command of LAW that Life is sealed as Wholeness; it is by Command of Eternal LAW that Life is given the Light of Sun. Every Sunray is touching the skin of us, Humanity; every Sunray is touching the lips of us as Humanity. And therefore the Word we speak is touched by the Sunlight, touched by the Light of Eternity, touched by the Light of the Origin. Meaning that the Word that is given is touched by the Command of Eternal LAW. The Word therefore is the Word of Eternal LAW, the Word of Aquarian LAW and the LAW of Cosmos. It is in the Union of these Three that the Solar System is Alive and Awake and that the Solar System is focused upon the Renewal of Life. Renew thyself thy Brothers and renew thyself thy Sisters. This is said in the Government of God, in the Government of the New LAW.  

The Aquarian LAW is in Reign and the Aquarian LAW is in Teaching. Therefore learn and realise the Gratitude for Life. Learn and realise the Fullness of Grace. And in this Grace you will unfold as the Purity that is seen in the Mountains, the Purity that is seen in every Crystal Rock. This Purity is a different aspect than Clarity. It is the Purity of a Man, a Woman and Child in Sacred Matrimony. The Sacred Matrimony is what we Live and what we Breathe. We as the Ruby Council gathered in the Sunlight, gathered in every Ray of the Sun, bring forth the Ruby Way, bring forth the Ruby Sound and bring forth the Ruby touch. 

Touched you are as Wholeness of Human. Touched you are in the Wholeness of the Matrimony that realises the Immaculate State. In the Immaculate State you are invited to Live, in the Immaculate State you are Blossoming in this Life. It is the Light of the VOW, the Light of the LAW and the Light of the Sun that is united in Matrimony, united to come forth as a detailed Creation. This detailed Matter comes forth because of the Word of the LAW. Every Command is the Sacredness of the Word. Every Command is the Holiness of the Holy Grail. So Come Forth within this Holy Grail. Fill up the cups and fill up the body with the Ruby Reality of the Sound and the Tone of Aquarius because this Tone of Aquarius lives in the Violet resonation of Truth. The Violet resonation of Truth gives and makes Way for the Ruby Reality of Matter. The Ruby Reality of Matter is the renewal of Life. 

BE Welcome. BE Welcome in God Government. BE Welcome in the LAW and BE Welcome upon the Ruby Way. We Welcome YOU within the Sunlight. We Welcome YOU within our Castles. We Welcome you with Grace, with Beauty, with Joy and with Freedom. 

We Welcome you to be Sealed in the Opportunities of Life given in the Light of the Sun. The entire Solar System lives and pronounces itself in the Motion of Eternity. This Motion is your VOW. This Motion is your Life. This Motion is the Sealing of your Wholeness of Light. 


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