Introduction: Montségur 

Today we climbed the mountain of Montségur.

The Ruin of Château de Montségur was built on the ruins of one of the last strongholds of the Cathars. Mura, Helena and I, Atie visited this place in 2009. Today we were with more. Mura said that she was happy to be here again. We climbed the mountain with devotion. The Cathars who lived here, were devoted. 


We stood in the ruin in a circle with Mura in our midst. Mura turned slowly in the middle around her axis and we walked sidewards around her. We turned like a wheel. 

Mura said, focus on the middle. The LAW of Aquarius can pierce through the past. Breathe in and breathe out. Make the motion, the past grows in the LAW of Aquarius. Feel your feet on the ground. Everything that happened here becomes alive, what happened is forgiven. It is now in the charity and in the comfort of the Aquarian age. Stand still again and feel the heartbeat of Aquarius. Feel the beat of the Aquarian reign; it is the pulsation in your heart and in the earth. Hear the tone, the tone of Aquarius. Breathe in and breathe out. 

We have been here already during the night, we prepared. Hear the tone and feel the heartbeat, feel the heartbeat in your body. Relax, close your eyes, feel the liberation of the past. Let the past rise in knowing that the people were devoted that they were IN love alive.  

Bring your hands to your heart and then Mura invited Isabel in the midst and she said to Isabel, I give the word to the one who was the leader here. It turned out to be a Lady, a Queen. 


Light is Worthy to be celebrated. This understanding is the Base of our Life that Light is Worthy to be lived, that Life is Worthy to be celebrated and that Light is Worthy to be raised.  

In daily Life we were Devoted to the Light, to the Light within and the Light of God. We were and are Devoted to the Light of our Heartbeat, to the Light of the Future and the Light of the Present Day. 

In celebrating Light, we have Lived our Life Light which means that we did not suffer from physical pains, that we did not suffer because we had the understanding, the consciousness. We had the knowledge or gnosis which told us every day and night that the Light within is the Motion forward of our Life. And in Honouring Light, in being Devoted to the Light of ALL of Life, we were present every day and every night. We were Comforted in this Light and we stepped forward and upwards. 

To celebrate the Light upon this Mountain was our Purpose and our Goal and we did celebrate Light because we Lived this Light. We Lived the Light of Creation and Creator as ONE. We were Devoted to this Oneness. We experienced in flesh and in Spirit the Oneness of Creator and Creation. We were Fed, we were Nurtured and we were Guided by the Light, by the Glory of ALL of Life. 

The Oneness of Creator and Creation was the Oneness that lived in our Heartbeat and that lived in our Understanding. This Oneness has become Wholeness. And the Wholeness of the present day and the Wholeness that lives in Future, is the Wholeness that I AM Devoted to. 

I Lived in the Light of Wholeness, in Understanding that the Oneness of Creator and Creation is the Base for ALL Life, the Base for a Man, the Base for a Woman and the Base for a Child which Light is raised. 

I had the task, the Honourable task, to lead man and women and children and to show them that the Light in ALL of Creation is the True Oneness of Creator and Creation. We were Honourable to Matter. We were Honourable to our own flesh. 

I was a Guidance. I was a Nurse. I was the Spiritual Leader for All these people. I Lived my Life in Devotion to the Light, always focused upon the Oneness, the Oneness in Light and the Oneness of Life because I realised that Light creates Life and that Life is ONE in the Oneness of Creator and Creation and I have always strived for the Wholeness of this Life, of Creation itself. 

I have come forward in this present hour and this present day because the Motion and the Devotion, the Light of our Heartbeats is accumulated and in this accumulation, Accelerated. In the Acceleration and in the Promise of this current Age, we are ALL Ascending which means that our Devotion to the Light within, to the Light of Oneness, of Creator and Creation, is becoming more and more Form. Form in the present Day and Age, Form in the Realisation of Wholeness. Our focus was on the Light, our focus was in Oneness and in this Oneness we gave our Body and our Spirit. In this Oneness we have Lived, we have Lived Light. We have been Faithful to the Promise that Lived in our Heartbeat. We have been Faithful to the Promise of the Wholeness of Life which is the Wholeness of a man and a woman, the Wholeness of the Matrimony of the Four Elements, which is the Wholeness of Humanity and Nature. It is the Wholeness of All Kings and Queens leading their people. It is the Wholeness in LAW, the Wholeness in Creator and the Wholeness in Creation. 

The Acceleration of Oneness is a fact and we were Devoted to this Oneness. So I give my Gratitude to the Light of today. I give my Gratitude in this present Day and Hour. And in being Grateful I give again my focus, my gnosis, to the Light of Oneness, to the Oneness of Creator and Creation, in knowing that it is Sealed in Wholeness. I declare that we are Faithful and Devoted in the Age of Aquarius and in Realising this fact, we All Live in the Motion of the Ascending Spiral, the Motion of the Spiral up and down because this Motion is the Realisation of Material Oneness, the Realisation of Material Wholeness. 

Live Light, Honour the Light and create this Light as a Whole Creation. Realise this Light in the Wholeness of every Detail. 

I AM a woman that once leaded the crowd and in this Manifestation I AM blessed today because the Acceleration of the Light of All of our Heartbeats is given in the Aquarian Tone. The focus on Oneness, the focus on Light is the Wholeness of the Tone of Aquarius. Celebrate this Light every day and every night and realise that we Honour the Future as you Honour the Past. 


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