On the way back to the Netherlands we drove through Paris and all ‘the cars’ met at a McDonalds in Paris. We spoke about Saint Germain and the Basilique du Sacré Coeur.  


(Isabel: do as I do) 

In the Sacred Heart of Paris we Inaugurate the Flame of Freedom which is merged with de Flame of Emerald Green. 

In this Inauguration, we give rise to the Light that shines in Paris and we bring forth the momentum of Comte the Saint Germain.  

The Sacred Heart receives your promise, receives your Light and your Devotion, whereby this Heart will start to beat as a Material Reality. 

Realise (we all make a pulse with our hands ) the Pulse of the Heart of the Sacred Heart of Paris. Realise the beat to give rise to the Flame of Freedom that is authorised in Matter to be Matter, to be Creation and it is authorised to Unite with the Truth of Human Race. The Truth of Human Race, in the Aquarian Age, lives in the Emerald Design, therefore the Flame of Freedom is merged with the Flame of Emerald Truth. 

Feel the Heartbeat and Realise that you as Humanity, as Human Race, receive the Pulse of the Sacred Heart while you are also the One that makes the Pulse More. And thus the Heart of Freedom, the Sacredness that lives in the Devotion of Human Race, awakens. (go on with the pulsation and Isabel came in front of everybody to clap hands) We Multiply the Pulse of the Heart to Realise that Merlin Lives in ALL and because ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL, (we clap hands) the Acceleration of Light is Violet and Emerald. Bring forth the Tone of Emerald Truth in the Violet Realisation of the Sacred Heart. (we all bring our hands to our heart alternately as a pulse) 

The Violet Realisation of the Sacred Heart beats in Human Race and the Human Body awakens in Cell and Atom because Violet comes in, in the Truth of Emerald Design which is the Design to be Creative. Therefore Creativity rises, Creativity awakens, Creativity comes up. And the Truth of Creativity is presented to All of Human Race, in the Creation of Four Emerald Stones, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR. 

Four Emerald Stones created by the Union of Merlin and Hermes and the Realisation of the Four Emerald Stones have come to pass in their Devotion and in their knowledge of the Violet Flame. In the Violet Flame and in the Emerald Flame, Gold is Realised. And the Golden Age which Lives in Aquarius, is therefore the Creation that comes to pass by the Hands of Humanity, by the Heart of Humanity and by the Footsteps of Humanity (Isabel pointed to them). 

Give Light to the Earth because you bring your steps. Give Light to Earth, to make her the Eternal Reality of the Ascending Spiral. Realise the Light of every Detail in Emerald Design that is Sealed by the Four Emerald Stones, Sealed by the Sacred Pulse of ONE Heart, Sealed in ONE Name that sees the Aquarian Age in its Golden Potential that sees the Aquarian Age in its Victorious State. Therefore we say: “Merlin is the ONE”. (we all repeated the sentences) “Merlin is our LORD”. “And we Seal this Name” “in our Heart”, “in our VOW”, “in our Devoted Will”. “We Pulsate” “in ONE Line” “of More”.  

Line of More is Merlin. More Line. Merlin Line of More. In Freedom the Line of More is created, in Freedom the Line of More is Realised. In Freedom the Line of More Lives forth in Human Race because Human Race is Authorised to create Violet in Truth and to create Truth in Violet. 

BE Sealed in the Name of LORD Merlin. BE Sealed in the Truth of Victory. BE Sealed in the Path that is One Path of Light and that is Ruby Light.  

Planet Terra invites us All to meet in the Core of herself tonight and in this Core we will celebrate that the Line of More is Inaugurated and that the Line of More IS the Truth of Human Race. 

Copyright: ASCENDING ALL  

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