In the evening we talked about this retreat. We experienced that it was more relaxed than other years in Damme. We did some chatting in between and some shopping. Still it felt wise and comfortable to have it done like this.  

Isabel wrote about how creation takes place. Immaculate is the power to accumulate, Immaculate is the Right to Live Whole. Immaculate is the base. This is in response to what we did in the Labyrinth this morning. From the immaculate base we can create Heaven on Earth. 

Later on in the meditation room, we moved with our pelvis/our base and shoulders to loosen these joints in this motion. Yesterday we said that we create with our pelvis where LIFE in the womb starts. The whole body is aligned with the eternal motion.  


In the Matrimony of Life the Word is given. And with the Word we bring the Sound to multiply the Details within Aquarian Age. 

We All come forth in Union. We All come forth in Oneness realising the Design of Emerald Truth and within this Design, we come to Multiply, to Honour, to be Faithful. So give your Worth, give your Right and step onto the Stones of Emerald. Pray in your Heartbeat. Pray in your Flesh. Live in the Worth of Dignity and realise the Multiplication of the Flame in the Promise, the Flame in the VOW. So we bring forth the Aquarian Word, the Aquarian Matter, the Aquarian Gold. The Golden Age is the Aquarian Right, so Aquarius has the Right and the Authority to Reign and in the Aquarian Reign we bring the Blessing and we ask for the Blessing of the Universal Core, so All Life is embraced within the Core of Universe, All Life is Sealed in the Golden Reality of Wise Dominion, it is the Dominion of Aquarius, the Dominion of the Emerald Design. 

The Divinity of Life is living in Multiplication. Multiply, Honour, Be Faithful and realise the Core of the Universe within Thy Self, within the Detailed Manifestation of Aquarian Light. Aquarian Light is in One Constellation so the Aquarian Details are blessed within the Sealing of this Constellation. ONE Constellation is Reigning, ONE Destiny is Living and in this Destiny we All come forward because we are Devoted, we are Willing because we live in Honour and because we realise ourselves as Detail in Faith. 

Faith I call upon. Aquarius I call upon. Dignity I call upon. I call upon the Emerald Design of the Tablets. I call upon the Realisation that Life is Eternal. I call upon the Aquarian Constellation, so Life is above as below, so Life is below as above and in this the Multiplication of the Core and the Universal Core of White Fire is fact. 

Multiply in Dignity. Multiply in Truth. Multiply because we are IN Faith born and because the Aquarian Age is Faithful to bring forth Future, to bring forth LAW, to bring forth the Creation of the Magnificent Light of ONE Core, the Core of the Universe. 



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