Mura gave a meditation in the evening before we went to sleep. Sit straight, and fold your hands to pray. Breathe in while having your hands folded and breathe out while having your hands flat against one another. 

We exchanged the two positions quickly. While doing this Mura said, experience the difference. What is happening, how do you pray? What is praying, just feel the difference. In what way do you create a prayer? Do you create beauty, do you create eternity? Then relax and put your hands on your midriff.  

This night we go to LORD Lanto to learn to create in prayer. 



This night we will Pray on behalf of Humanity. This night we will Pray in the Light of Humanity. This night we will give a Prayer for the Race of Human, so Human is rising in the Wisdom of Gold. But when we Pray we need to know what a Prayer is. We need to know how to Pray because what is a Prayer? 

In Praying you are focused upon the momentum of your Light, which is realised in your Life upon planet Terra. Meaning that Praying is collecting or accumulating the momentum of every Detailed Living Embodiment upon planet Terra. In every Embodiment you have given of yourself and in every action in which you have multiplied Fire and have multiplied Light, you have gained the momentum. And the accumulation of these momentums is what you use in Praying or rather the accumulation of these momentums is the Prayer itself. Meaning that this night we will teach you how to Pray, which means that we will teach you how to be in the momentums of your lives on planet Terra, present in the now. In this now you are the Prayer, you are the Living Prayer. And in being a Living Prayer alive within Humanity, you Pray for the sake of Humanity, you Pray on behalf of Humanity, you are the Prayer given by Humanity. It is as simple as it is. 

So the momentums of your Light and Life upon planet Terra, is a Prayer in itself. It is the Light realised within you, it is the Light realised by your Devotion, by your Willingness. And in this Life that you have lived, you have given this Light in the material Creation, so a Prayer is always in Matter, a Prayer is always Enlightening Matter, a Prayer is always the momentum of Light. 

The momentum of Light of your Life is what you may come to know, is what you may see because in this you will gain the Ability and you will gain the responsibility to realise the Light in Spine, in the physical Spine of the physical Body. Because when the Light or the Prayer is active in your Spine, you live in One momentum, meaning that you will live the Light of Eternity, the Light of Eternal Life. And the Light of Eternal Life is being IN Prayer, being Praying because you are always in Devotion present, always present in the realisation that you know Life is a Whole and that you are part of it, that you have your response ability in it. 

So this night you are able to respond to the Whole of Humanity, you are able to respond to the Whole of Creation because you are the Prayer yourself, you are Praying, you are the Prayer. You are the momentum of Light upon this planet. 

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