I realized today how half I have lived in my belief of God.

In the teaching we are working a lot with the equality of male and female and we are also using the concept Creator and Virgin. Despite we have done that for a looong time now, it has not really occurred to me how equal and fundamentally important BOTH parts are to have a WHOLE and FULL God concept. Still there has been the thought in me that somewhere GOD=CREATOR, and thus still somewhere in me CREATOR has been the ONE, the SUPREME thus "above" Virgin...

However..... CREATOR is equal with VIRGIN. BOTH ARE one part EACH of the WHOLE GOD-CONCEPT. There is no GOD without these TWO as ONE. They are on the same level. When CREATOR and VIRGIN unite we have DIVINITY - GOD. Never one without the other. THAT is SEPARATION.

Thus, I have lived in a life view what has been half, incomplete even - and from this I have created. Separately. GOD - CREATOR has somewhere been an ALPHA image, a MAN figure - and life has been so far created from that image by me.

I have even thought I had the full right to the TRUTH of life, in my Oneness with this ALPHA-GOD. I have even thought I knew how everyone was working, because everything come from this ALPHA-GOD which I "knew". I have especially projected upon women and demanded that they shall work and think like the ALPHA-GOD I know.... You are responsible for your OWN ACTIONS, because you are CREATING it yourself woman! You are CREATOR!

Wrong... A woman or rather a female is not CREATOR. A female is VIRGIN. Being a VIRGIN is different than being a CREATOR. I am a man, a male. I AM a CREATOR... 

However, if I CREATE on my own, without connecting to the VIRGIN, without knowing, acknowledging and honoring the VIRGIN, I AM NOT CREATING DIVINE... I AM NOT CREATING GOD.

GOD IS CREATOR AND VIRGIN AS ONE! The DIVINE life comes from the ONENESS of the TWO. WHOLE, SEALED GOOD(GOD) Life. Eternal Life. Eternity. Details. Beauty. FREEDOM.

We have a Teacher that sees this ONENESS of Creator and Virgin and learn us how to live and create IN that. We are learning WHAT a Creator is and WHAT a Virgin is.

I thought I always had a strong love for GOD - for CREATOR. But today I have realized... I as CREATOR have a LOVE for VIRGIN. That is what I LOVE. That is my BELOVED. That is what I NEED to be whole and create WHOLE. And that's why I love the VIRGIN so enormously. Because as ONE with VIRGIN, I AM GOD!

Thanks for your contribution!