I feel its time to start writing on my blog again, to be able to structure my growth in the teaching. To write down the lessons I learn and make a clear line for my development.

The teachings write now is a lot about awakening. Awakening in seeing all patterns and images I live after what is not in truth. What is separate and not make me or life MORE. A little bit the problem in this for me personally, is that it is not so easy to make these insights or awakenings when you don't know or clearly see the vision to replace these false patterns with. It feels like I am left in a sort of vacuum where my body doesn't know how to act then.

Latest I have learnt is that our whole body is created to protect and reject. It is created to reject everything strange to getting into the body. Energies as bacterias or virus. The problem with this is that we are in an almost constant rejection of other beings to come too close to us. In this rejection we are also very alone and not connecting to the rest of life. We are separate, at least in matter.

To realise that the body is created to be separate and not created as a whole manifestation gives more understanding that I need to go behind a lot of images I have made of myself or life to be able to truly change it. A lot of my own identity is already based upon the bodies of my father and mother. They were not fully united or connected, and this separation still lives in my body as well. Creation as not been whole or connected, we have ALL lived on our own. Not able to fully feel someone else as a part of us or in us. Not being able to connect. 

I don't know how we fully connect yet. But I am becoming more aware how not connected we are even if we think we are connected.

I am curious where all these awakenings will bring us even if it is difficult to not know what will come next.

Thanks for your contribution!