The more it becomes clear how the body is war in itself, the more peace exists within.

I realised today I am clear. I am clear inside and I am able to reign my body instead of having the war and chaos of the body take over fully.

I do experience chaos or not knowing, but I also feel the drama of war or fight in wanting to be right is not really starting. This stability of kind of stillness is peace. Inside peace is growing because we become more aware of the war created as matter.

The body is in war with the detail, it fights the light of the detail. But the body more and more obeys the light and peace is created in this. This is the stillness in me that grows as clarity.

In peace I have opportunity to find my right of living. The right to be detailed and natural. In peace is the opportunity to create love in eternity. I will learn more, I do not know so many things about me. I will grow and create peace in growing.

Thanks for the opportunity to create peace.

Love, Isabel

Thanks for your contribution!