For several days I am learning in the teaching that there is a block between man and woman.

I do experience that it is in the current creation not easy to connect from core to core. I have come to the understanding now that the core of white fire itself is broken, or was broken, which means the core to core connection is impossible.

Every day I work im uniting with my husband and he with me, to heal the core of white fire. In doing so we learn and grow in oneness. This oneness is becoming wholeness and eventually it will be the wholeness of the core of white fire. If we succeed, many can and will follow us.

This is how I understand the vow I have at this moment. A vow to heal and make white fire more. In the teaching we have opportunity to do this, which means in the teaching is the portal to unite. Nowhere else.

We are lucky we live with the teacher at our side.

Thanks for teaching us as one!

Love, Isabel

Thanks for your contribution!