Today I have come across inequality. The equal light in every ray becomes more clear.

I specifically feel the inequality deeply hidden in matter it seems, between the male and female. From what I understand the masculine and feminine ray were not one in white fire anymore. This has given a separate creation.

In the separate creation one will dominate another one. Between man and woman this has happened. While I experience that Divine Love is rising in me, inequality starts to become visible and tangible in matter. Not a nice feeling.

Life is becoming more and more whole, which means man and woman are uniting. To heal the core of White Fire completely we need to see and overcome the inequality of masculine and feminine ray. And recreate from the equal union of this.

Love is the creation of wholeness. In love the equal light of feminine and masculine ray lives in every ray and detail! Every detail is whole and creates the wholeness of vow and life.

This is the immaculate vision of crystal clarity. I am learning to create wholeness. I will overcome inequality and live the united core. In the teaching is our opportunity to create equality and realise union in core of White Fire.

Love Isabel

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