A tough day today. The truth is exposed: masculine and feminine are not on the same track.

I am a female. As female I represent the feminine part of life. Today I feel how the masculine is working against my goal.

My goal is to create vow. To create in oneness with male this means. Today it is exposed that the male does not want this. Or rather, that the true masculine is infiltrated by a false will telling to not unite with the feminine and create together.

I watch and see men creating by themselves while I as a woman wish to create as one. Painful to see and experience. My wish as feminine is not heard neither seen or appreciated by masculine.

But we actually don't know what masculine is in reality or what feminine is in reality. In nakedness we do. This is when we don't hide anymore and acknowledge that we don't know.

Feminine and masculine are divine. What this means we don't know. Yet. We are learning to create by using our divine ability. as long as we want to learn, we will.

Love, Isabel

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