Future is rising in Lines of the LAW, breaking the patterns of Forgiven Will. Will is the Act making creation, the Act that chooses to be Alive. In the Will of the Diamond is the Freedom to crate within the Lines of the LAW and within the lines of the imprints of Origin. These imprints are Sealed and connected, united and woven within the Blueprint. It is the Print of Original Will. This Will Obeys the Origin, it Honours Eternity and realises the Motion of Actions. The Act to make creation is always done by Will, whether it is conscious or not, aware or not. In order to realise Freedom of the Aquarian Age, Will is Forgiven and the patterns created so far are breaking.  

In every broken line the Future rises and shines through. Future is Living within the Motion of Diamond Will and within the Motion of the Eternal LAW. In Aquarian LAW the LAW of Eternity has form and Authority to Act and Command in matter. The material Reality planet Terra and of the human body at this moment, is imprinted with NEW Commands and NEW Actions of LAW. Which means that Aquarius is imprinted within the space that exists when the patterns of the Forgiven Will are breaking. Space is given from Diamond Will in Northern Light.  

This is the Light that has Authority to open the space for NEW, the Authority to Act within the realised lines of the Print of Blue. Light of the North has Authority to bring in the Motion of Eternity to matter, to the planetary body and human body, in order to realise the fact that patterns of Forgiven Will are broken. Breaking these patterns requires a precision and a care. It is not to be taken lightly. With every line that is broken, a prayer for Forgiveness becomes Alive, whereby space is created for Future. Where space comes into being, the sealed Reality of the Eternal ALW needs to step in immediately.  

The Sealing of Eternal LAW makes sure the space is the Immaculate Atmosphere in which Life may grow in Multiplication. Multiplication is the Action of Diamond Will. The space for future, is the space Divine which is Eternal Motion itself. Within the Power of LAW of Eternity, the Sealing is given and from this Sealed State, the Immaculate State as base for the NEW Lines to grow, is given. Space is therefore never empty, but always a base for growth and multiplication of Light. The multiplied Light is realised by the Power of Will, the Diamond Will. The Space which is the Immaculate Atmosphere is the Space that resonates with Diamond Will. In this Space the lines of the Blue Print can Live.  

Forever is Will the Act that creates. To order the Zodiac that Starts with the Aquarian Age, it is of the utmost importance that the Will to create becomes the Freedom of Aquarius, which is the Will in Diamond Act. Diamond Will from the Northern Light is uniting with all lines of law, all lines of Directing Power. In doing so the imprints of freedom, the Aquarian prints, are realised. To realise the Motion of the Wheel of Zodiac, Will needs to be Freedom. The Violet Light of Freedom needs to be realisation within  he Act of Will. This Will is the ONE Will, Acting within the Union of blue and Pink. The Space as the Immaculate Atmosphere is the Pink Light, whereby the lines of the  prints are Blue. In Union the Violet Light breaks through and can be created and directed as form.  

It is Diamond Will that Lives because Pink of the Space resonates with Original Will. In Violet Clarity, Diamond Will is Alive.  

Creation is changing, lines are breaking while NEW lines are born. The Light of North gives Power to every line to be realised, to live and to be Clear in the Reality of the Action of Diamond Will. Northern Light assures that Space is Immaculate and that Sealing of Eternal LAW is Living Reality. The care of the North is the Action of Deity to Awaken Future in the Authority of the NEW Light to be matter.

Copyright: Ascendingall

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