Fire comes in from the North and the South, to realise the symmetry of Union. This Symmetry needs to be realised in order to have the axes of Terra straight and to find the Sealed Purpose of Terra her Body. The Body of Terra makes Human Race Live and gives Motion to all of the Flames embodied on planet Terra. Life of Human Race is Sealed in the Symmetry of North and South, whereby the Action of East and West can penetrate Life with the Spiritual Purpose of Living. The Purpose of Living is in Spiritual Imprint that is given in Breath.  

Symmetry of North and South is realised in the fact that Direction from Sun Light is received by planet Terra in order to have Life Sealed. East and West within this Sealing, will know the Purpose of the Motion directed and make the realisation of Union a fact. Symmetry is in itself not yet the realisation of Union, while the imprint of Purpose in the Symmetrical Life is the way to realise Union. Symmetry of Union is in the fact that Light has ONE Purpose and always searches for ONE Expression. Light I itself chooses to Express the Purpose of Life in the Whole Direction.  

Symmetry is a necessity in creating Geometrical perfection coming from the Wholeness of Life in the fact of Purpose in Living. Purpose in Life is the Spiritual Inspiration to create, to make Light the Reality of the Wholeness of North and South, East and West. The Way to create Perfection within the alignment with Sun Light, is The Way of Union. Union Lives within the fact that ONE Purpose is Alive in the Actions and Opportunities. Every Opportunity makes Union Real.  

The Symmetry of Union is on the surface. It is a Realisation of a Flame that is NEW, given in the Constellation of Aquarius to make the Rainbow of Aquarius Perfect. The Reality of Union or Communion cannot be realised without Symmetry. In Symmetry is the gift of synchronised Living, Living in the Goal of a Purpose that Lives in the wholeness. The wholeness of Life and Direction from Sun Light is aligned and has the ability to respond on one and another. In this response is Symmetry created, or rising. Rising from the Aquarian Tones in Constellation.  

Symmetry of Union is imprinted through the portal of North and South. Within the Symmetry the Purpose for Life is Imprinted in Inspiration. The true Inspiration that makes one pursue a Divine Goal. Symmetry comes up within the Fire of North and South, released by the Wholeness of Direction and the respond to it. East and West Live the Spiritual Purpose for Wholeness of Life as Terra. The Purpose to realise the Divine Design of Original Intent in White Fire.  

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