Northern enlightenment in chest of Humanity is the enlightenment with Right, Straightness and Perfection. This enlightenment is given in the fact that the axes of Terra are active in the Obedient Way coming from the North Pole and Hemisphere. The Pole of the North brings a shows of Light in order to release humanity from the chains created by themselves. These chains are stopping the motion within the Chain of Being. Enlightenment from the North brings Peace in the Heart of Human and gives opportunity to take Right measurements, giving Freedom of Chain of Being.  

Every Free Human is the Multiplied Truth of Northern Light. Every Free Body is the Obedience to the Northern Light and its Pathway. This is the Path of Teaching, the path of Obedience and the Path of Divine Love in Eternity. Eternal Love is to be seen as the wholeness of Life that invites Light and Light that answers the Call to bring Life its Righteousness. What is Righteous for Life and IN Life, is the Blossoming petals of Lotus in the Clarity of Crystal Matter. This Matter is the Matter imprinted with the Alchemy of the Emerald Stones, which is the Power to create in and with Divine Love. Life as a Whole is Right, Straight and Perfect IN Love that is Eternal. It is Love as is Designed from the beginning.  

The beginning IS Love and the beginning id Eternal. To come to the Peace of Life in Freedom, a Free Body that is Righteous in the Northern Light Alive, the CrystalCclarity of Matter gives of its imprints. These prints are released in North, while the entire Northern Hemisphere carries the Seed of these imprints. This is done to have the Pole answer the Call of Life itself, or the invitation of Life itself to become MORE. MORE is always Motion, always Eternal. MORE is always created within the Union of Life and Light. This Union is the Perfection in North, the Perfection of Love.  

Love is Perfect when aligned in the Whole of Life, when it is Righteous and Right. Love is Perfect when it is in the Design beginning and realising the ending as MORE Life and Multiplied Light. Light is multiplied in VOW, Multiplied in the Revelation of Northern Light. The Revelation of the North comes from the Power of Noah, the Power of Teaching and the Power of the Beginning as ONE. In the beginning was Noah, Obeying the Teachings of the Original Religion. These Teaching s are the beginning for Life on Terra, as well as the Original Religion is the beginning for Life on Terra. All created to come to the realisation of the Northern enlightenment, which is the realisation of Union and Truth.  

Truth is the fact that VOW is Living Reality. Truth is the fact that creative Power is Alchemical Power. Truth is the fact that Alchemical Power is Divine Love. All these Principles are Alive in the n Northern Light and Awake in the imprints from North. The Unity of these Principles is form as the Blue print from the beginning, the Original Blue print. Upon and within this Blue print is the ability to grow IN Right, IN Perfection and IN Straight lines. Creating within the Path of the North, is applying the Teaching that tells to be Alive IN these Principles. Creating from these Principles is giving a Creation of Love Eternal, Love Divine as Design.  

Designing Love is creating with the Principles of the beginning of Life, before Terra came into being. Designing Love is creating within the Original Power of First Creator who Lives Light. The Peaceful manifestation of the Northern Principles are revealed and released, touching the chest of Human Race to START the beginning and give Life its Righteous and Straight Ending in Perfection of Design.  

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