Union in Snow is the Perfection of Crystal, created by Diamond and created in Will. Crystal is Perfect in Union, Perfect in the Geometrical Reality of Symmetry. The Symmetry of Divine Patterns Lives in the fact that parents create United Light and realise Life in the Symmetrical Perfection of Geometry. Every Being is born within this Union, within Geometry. The Grace of Geometry Lives in the Crystal Clarity that shows the Being its face and realises the Truth of Union.  

Truth of Union is the VOW Alive in Wholeness of Life. Life is as a whole United and as a whole a Promise that resonates with the Origin. Life as a Whole is the manifestation of Origin, therefore the creation resonates with the Origin. Beautiful Light is realised by the reflection of Perfection, the Reflection of the Perfection of Crystal. Crystal Clarity Lives in the Union in Snow, the Union that starts in the North.  

Northern Truth is the Truth creating Perfection, creating crystal clarity. The Symmetry of Geometry is the Living Design of the Deity in North, who has Promised Life to Terra and the Solar System as a Whole. The entire Solar System awaits the Life of Terra, in the Union of All Life. Terra is created in Perfection, in the Symmetry with Venus. This Symmetry realises their Union and realises the Perfect Path to become the Clear Expresses Reality of Life. Geometrical Patterns are imprints given in the moment where a being comes into being. The imprint is Spiritual, from the Light of the parents, it is an Eternal imprint, an Eternal Pattern that realises the fact that there is symmetry in Union possible.  

Union therefore dates back to the moment where you came into being, within the Symmetry Alive in the Geometrical patterns of your Being, Union can be realised and is possible. Only within these patterns or prints, the Union can be realised. Realisation of Union is therefore Perfection of Crystal, because it is the realisation of the Original Prints of a Being, the Original Geometrical patterns. Geometry awakens in the rising prints of Blue. Geometry is attracted by the Moon Light of Beauty, because beauty is the Reflection that is given in the Perfection of Symmetry and Geometry.  

The Diamond is Perfect in Symmetry and Geometry, it Reflects Crystal clear and Shows Beauty of Life in its Wholeness. Life is a Whole, a Whole that is Sealed in ONE Promise. Within this Whole the Symmetry of Union Lives, within this Whole the Patterns imprinted in Beings will Live to be The Way of Ruby unfoldment.   

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