Patterns united in Equality show the Reality of Being and the Purposeful Living. Purposeful Living for Terra is to be her Shining and Radiating Core of Ruby, awake in the Oneness with Venus. In this way she brings Freedom to the Solar System and carries the Flame on her as Altar in Free Space. Free Space for the Flames is the Space for the Details to blossom and align within the patterns of Union, which are the patterns Divine created for one’s VOW and one’s Life in Right. Within the lines of the patterns are the Opportunities.  

Opportunities are Alive and Present within the wholeness of Life, therefore within the pattern of Union is the Real opportunity for a Detail. the detail or Flame has motion and possibilities within the respond to the Pattern, the Respond to the Core of Terra. From the Core of Terra the patterns are woven, aligned with the axes to always have One Goal and Direction in the pattern of blue. The Pattern of blue is the print of blue, given by the Spiritual parents and manifested by the physical parents.  

The core of terra carries the Flames on her body as Altar, therefore every pattern for a Flame or Detail, is in her Core alive. Embodying on Terra means being a Flame on the Altar, united with all Flames and United with Terra in the Core of her Being. The Patterns to be created as the VOW Alive and Present, are the patterns for the physical manifestation of a Flame. Every Flame has its own pattern and Geometry. A Light that makes Life in the Perfection of the Symmetry of Union. In Wholeness of Life, the Pattern for a Flame or  Detail is interconnected with the other Flames and Patterns, by the Union with the Core of Terra. In Terra the Flames have Space to Live, to Express and t be form as Designed in the Union of VOW, which is the Union with Life as a whole.  

The Right to be VOW and the Right to create is always in connection with the wholeness. In Life as a Being that breathes, moves and has a Heartbeat, you have the Right to Express yourself and add to Life. You add to Breath, you add to Motion and you add to the Heartbeat. Adding Light to Life as a Whole, is making Life MORE. This is done with materialising the patterns of VOW, with manifesting the Promised Lines as matter. MORE is in the fact that All Flams are United, through the Core of Terra. All Flames are in Communion alive, because planet terra has her focus on the Light of the Fames and brings Freedom as Space. This space is Space for growth, for MORE.  

MORE is active within the lines of the patterns, the lines of the Perfection of Union. Every line in Symmetry of Union, has the potential of MORE, the potential to add Life to the Whole. Adding Life to the Whole, is adding Light of the Flame to the pattern divine. This is done by Uniting as Detail or Flame with matter. The union of Spirit and Matter therefore is crucial if we want to create the MORE of Life. Spirit and matter United as the wholeness of Life in a Detail Alive, is the Body that Lives in S{ace of Terra and creates its pattern.  

Cresting the pattern of one’s VOW is Honouring Eternity and Honouring Father and Mother in many ways. Lie the potential of MORE and Live the realisation that Terra is the Space of Freedom for the Flames on the Altar. Every Flame is in Equality Free, in Equality the Light of VOW in the Perfect Symmetry of Union.  

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