Creating the Pathway of Union in Ruby, is closing the Circle that makes Life Whole. Wholeness of Living is in the Union of details, the union of Ages in past and in Future. When the Age of Aquarius is unfolding, all ages of Future unfold and realise their Dream. The Principles of Eternity seen as the Feminine and Masculine Principles are as ONE the Circle that begins and ends. The beginning and ending are Equal, which means that the beginning does not exist without an ending. The Zodiac of former Ages has been and come to an ending. This ending realises a beginning for the Zodiac initiated by the Aquarian Age.   

Wholeness of Life Lives in the Equality of NOW. Past is becoming MORE while Future is unfolding in this very moment. MORE of Life is the fact that Details add themselves to Life and realise the Worthiness of Breathing in matter. Breath in matter is the gift of Equality, the gift of beginning and ending is a Full Circle. Eternity rises in Equality of the Feminine and Masculine Ray or principles. These Principles are the gifts and details, teachings, to create Life in wholeness and realise the Abundant Prosperity of Eternal motion. The Motion forward is a Motion upward. This upward Motion is the realisation of Union of Masculine and Feminine. It is the realisation of Breath in Matter that stirs the Detail or Flame to Live. 

Living in Breath, means you are materialising, which means you are materialising the Union of Masculine and Feminine. Simply because this is in Design a given. Principles of eternity are a given in design of deity. These given Principles can be enlightened in the motion of Eternity and in the choice of human beings who embody and ignite Flames. The flames ignited are adding themselves to the Circle of Life, to the material Reality of this Circle. Adding oneself to Life as the Eternal Motion of Life, is initiating Life in the Wholeness of the Principles of Eternity.  Wholeness of these Principles Lives in the upward motion realised by Breath and realised by Will in Human Being.  

Will to add oneself to Life, is the Will to be Equal. The Will to be in Motion the Equality that realises the Design of Deity. Doing so, is Honouring deity, is honouring eternity. Eternity is in Motion every time a being adds itself to Life. Life becomes MORE in the simplicity of Equality, the Equality which is a Natural given in the Design. The Motion of Life in a Circle, is the Motion of the Zodiac. The entire Zodiac is whole in beginning and ending. The more details are added to the whole of the Zodiac, the MORE upward the Zodiac goes in the Principles of Eternity. Principles to give freedom and realisation of Truth and Equality.  

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