The World full of wonders is Natural Life. Unfolding in petals of Leaves that are yet unseen. Every petal its own beauty, every petal its Symmetry in Union. The Union of leaves is a wonder to see and this union creates the magnificent structure of abundance. Every leave is overflowing with Light, with the gift of Life. In abundance manifestation realised in the structure of the leaves, the structure in which Lotuses Live,  the detail rises and is Acting Light whereby Life is created. To Act Light is to Act Natural. To Act with the Reality of God Given Light is the Natural Act of a Detail in Physical form.  

The action is creating, the Action is creating Wonders. God given wonders, through the Act of a Detail and the Will of a Detail. the Righteous Power to create is in the Union of Petals. Every Petals United with the Light of VOW, is a Petal in Obedience and a Petal creating the Obedient manifestation of the abundant structure. These structures all united create the entire body od Deity, the body that is more than one individual. The body of Deity is the Expressed Reality of the Promise as it is designed for the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the rising Deity unfolding itself as the Hopeful lines of the Obedient matter.  

Hopeful lines are the Presence of Deity materialised. Every Detail is in Right to unfold itself within the hopeful lines and be the abundant manifestation of Details in Union, of Petals United as Righteous Living Act. A Righteous Living Act is the Act that creates, the Natural Act to unfold the petals in the Union and Motion of Eternal Life. The Union is a wonder to see, to witness. The Natural LORDS are witnessing the petals of the Lotuses in their Actions to create, their Actions to be the Union itself that is Life in Light of God given. God Given Light is the Light coming from the Chain of Being in the vertical way. Through the Actions of the petals it spread horizontal whereby the Chain of Being is the materialised reality of Cells in Obedience to the detail, Cells who give to be petals and as ONE United Motion unfold the Body of ONE.  

ONE Body is created in God Given Light, materialised in the Right to Live and e Right to be abundantly manifest as detail. in the Beauty of the LORD the Design Live in Hopeful lines, creating the lotuses who are celebrating the Union of Life as it is foreseen by the EYE of Deity, the EYE of the LORD in upward Motion.  

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