Patterns in action are taking Command to raise Life as a Whole and create Union. The Universal Right to Live is in the Patterns activated, whereby the Patterns of Universe are Awakening. LAW has Commanded to make Straight, Clear and Ordered Life. All based upon the Qualities in Right. Qualities in Right are the Details in Flames, Alive in the LAW telling to Live and telling to Live righteous. Obeying the presence of LAW is Obeying the Light of the Individual Flame, as well as Obeying the Wholeness of Life. This Wholeness is Activated in the Divine Patterns for Union, the Patterns who are created from Union itself and will realise the Union IN Wholeness.  

Fact is that LAW has Authority to Command Straightness. Law has Authority to realise the patterns of Blue and make White Fire the Original Sound and singularity for All Flames. Every Flame is in LAW, every Flame is Awakening in LAW. The Reality of Authority means that Right is guaranteed for every Living Detail, every Living Flame. The Flames on Terra all Live within the LAW of Eternity and the LAW of Aquarius. As ONE they are authorised to Command within the Design for Terra, the Design that is one Whole Life based upon designs of VOWs.  

VOW unites with VOW in the Original Design, and ONE VOW is created within the United Light given to the pattern of White Fire in matter. A body is born with a pattern of White Fire. This pattern is Activated by LAW and by the United Light of VOW given to the body by the Spiritual parents. Every parent in Spirit has promised to awaken the Flame and VOW of a Being, by realising the gift of Light. In LAW is the Command to Live directly connected with the Right to Live. This Right entails that parents in Spirit give the United Light of VOW to ones body, in order to create the Reality of VOW and the Reality of Wholeness of Life.  

Wholeness of All of Life is only created when Flames are able to Unite and when VOW is able to Live. The United Light of VOW, realised in matter, is the Light of the most high octave in matter. This octave can be materialised as such, which means White Fire is Living matter and Spiritual parents are with the VOW embodied. In this way the united Light of VOW is given in a more direct way to the children, which makes awareness and consciousness over the VOW Natural. Natural Living is Whole. Natural Living is the Realisation that LAW Commands to Live and that Law gives Right to Live.  

This Right is Commanded to Shine, this Right is IN Authority Alive and therefore created by the rising of patterns in Divinity, in Divine Identity. The Octave of the United Light of VOW is to be created, patterns are made to make this Reality in the Sealed Actions of Flame. Every Flame is Sealed in LAW, Sealed in the Transparent Light of Deity.  

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