Awaken the Atoms, Awaken the Cells. Make Way for the Union of Gold! Clarify Future and open the Path showing Human its Right and its Beauty. Beautiful Actions are given to realise in Human Being the Righteous Living in Obedience. Obeying the Pathway to Glorify All and make All awaken in the Spiral of Right, is realising the Flame of Ascension in everything Living. Living Actions of Natural Light, are the acts given to Awaken All in Righteous Obeying.  

Righteous Obeying is becoming the Original Being. The Original Flame. Actions of Nature are creating the Ruby lined body in golden embrace, in order to make the Original Being Rise and Shine. The Shining Presence of the Origin is visible in the Space of Beautiful Light, the space where Freedom brings the base to clarify ones Right. In the Clear Right to Act and Live, the Original being is Living in acceleration. The acceleration is Power to rise in Eternity, to rise in the continuous actions of LAW given by the Commanding Word.  

In Commanding Word is Worth to Live, Right to Live. In the Right to Live is VOW embraced, VOW free to be Creation and to be realised. The Truth of the Realisation in Space, is the Way of Ruby. Ruby Path unfolds in the power of Awakening, because Human Being will see the path in the awakening. The body aligned with LAW is multiplied in the actions of Nature, the actions to realise the Golden embrace and make Life the wholeness of Five. Five are Present in Equal Right, the Right to Live Union. United Reality of Living Light is the united Reality given by the Power of Diamond and the Power of the Commanding Word. Worthiness shines in the Union, in the Whole Five Alive.  

In Whole Five, I is rising. In Whole Five is the Clear Path of Ascending Spiral. Spirals of Fire are uplifting the Whole, the Wholeness of Body and Detail. In Detailed Living is the Union of Gold, the Union of Colours and tones. In the celebration of Life in Wholeness, Cells and Atoms are empowered to Awaken, empowered to be enlightened. Enlighten the Whole to function in Right! Enlighten the face of the Deity in Beauty! Realise Act in the ION, the Right Act to materialise Ruby in the unfolding Spiral of Diamond Blue.  

Beauty is in Space, the Beauty to materialise Free Light and Free Body. The Union of Light and body, is the Union to be realised in Violet freedom. Beauty is the Present Colour in Space, the Space that gives All Right to rise in I and make Creation Worth Living.  

Copyright: Ascendingall

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