Fusion of Rays is the Reality of Alchemical Union. Alchemical Union is the Path of Prosperity, the Path of creating Gold. In the Rainbow of Aquarius, all Rays are Fused in the Path of Prosperity. Meaning that the Rainbow of Aquarius shows the Creation of Gold. Creating Gold is creating the Fire of Wisdom. All Rays in Fusion, is in Alchemical Union Realised, the Power of Alchemy therefore is needed to realise the Fire of Wisdom. Alchemy is the Power that Truly Unites, that makes Fusion the Power to create Gold.  

Fire of Wisdom needs to be created by the Truth of Fusion. Fusion is True in the Original Direction coming from or within the Fusion of Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon are able to bring Direction of the Origin, which is the Direction in crystal Clarity. Every Ray needs to be Clear to be able to fuse with one and another. In Clarity, in Crystal Clear Direction, the Rays can fuse and come to the Golden Reality of Wisdom.  

When the Rays are fused, All Details born and Living within the Rays, have Opportunity to rise in Wisdom. Creating the Fire of Wisdom from Fusion, is giving the Details the Rest to create in Wisdom and be Wise in the act of creating. Wise Actions are realised in the Wholeness of a Ray, the Wholeness in which Details are connected and realise the Living Stream of Light that forms a Ray. When Unity is the reality of Details, Fusion of Rays is possible. This Fusion in Rays is the Path of Prosperity. The Path where Wisdom can Reign and therefore see and understand the Actions in True Opportunity.  

Every opportunity is True in the fact that Details Unite or are United as the wholeness of Life. The Alchemical Truth is realised in the Union of Details. The more details unite, the more the Alchemical Truth comes up. In this rising of Alchemy, the Power to create Fusion  is given Free. In Alchemical Union, or in the Truth of Alchemy is The Way to create Gold. Simply because the Union of Details, realises the Fusion of Rays. Ray by Ray fuses and the Rainbow of Aquarius is in this materialised. All Colours of the Rainbow have ONE Goal, the goal to create the Wisdom Flame of the Father of Aquarius. It is their Goal to materialise Father in the fact that Union (Sun and Moon as ONE) can Honour the Origin.  

Honouring the Origin gives way to the Will in Obedience. The will in Obedience is the Righteous Act to create, the way that has opportunity. Meaning that in Obedient will is the Union possible, whereby Fusion of Rays is the possibility as well. Therefore, when Union is realised, in Obeying Will, Fusion is the Vision. It is the Vision of Wisdom Fire in Action. Wholeness of Life Lives is in the Fusion of Rays as realised in the Aquarian Rainbow. Wisdom may rise in this Rainbow. Wisdom as Golden Fire may be the gift of the Obedient Will. The gift that comes with Alchemy, the gift that is IN Union born.   

Father of Aquarius is born in the Uniting Act of Sun and Moon, the Act of Obeying Will gives form to Father in the Aquarian Way.   

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