Moon is in Radiant Bliss invited by Terra who is Queen. The Bliss of Nature is the unfolding Truth of Love, which is a gift in the Oneness of Life and the Wholeness of the Living. Life in the Bliss of the NEW Moon, is the stream of Eternity that carries the vibration of Peace. Peace is in the Radiance of Moon given to All of Life. All Life unfolds in the Union of Sun and Moon, the Union where Crystal Direction is embracing every particle of Creation. Life is Free in the Bliss of the Moon, Free in the United Natural Way of Ruby.  

Queen Terra Lives in the Direction of Sun and the Peaceful Activity of Moon. She unfolds her lines of the Blueprint in the Eternal Radiance of Moon Light. Creation of her Body receives the imprint of Wholeness, the imprint of the Original Being Living IN Love. to be IN Love is to be in the Space of Beauty, realising the detailed Action of the Origin. Queen Terra abides as Original Being and as creation in the Space of Beauty, where the imprints of Love give her the Beauty of her Core. The outer expression is the touch of her Light by the Beauty surrounding her. The touch of the skin is the touch with Beauty, the touch IN Love Present.  

Loving Reality of the Moon Light is IN Peace. Crystal Clarity of Creation in the body of Human and in the body of Terra, is Living within the Peaceful momentum of Moon. The momentum of Moon is the Momentum created by the fact that she is always in the Truth of the Sun Light Directed and always in her willingness one with this Direction. She is Straight in the EYE of the Sun and Clear in the EYE of Queen Terra. The Moon brings her Gratitude to be invited in Peace and realises the beautiful Bliss of the NEW. The NEW is the Natural Eternal Willingness in which Life unfolds. NEW Life is Willing, therefore Obeying. The Power of the NEW will rise more in the Peaceful Moon, whereby the Obedience of Creation is multiplied.  

In Peace is the Natural Way in Eternity unfolding and Present. In Peace the Truth of the Natural Eternal Willingness is the Reality of Bliss. The Way itself unfolds as bliss and will show the Beauty of every I within the Reality of Wholeness. Wholeness is Natural Living, Wholeness is the True Oneness in Multiplied Eternal State. Eternity Lives in the Moon her Peace, in the Bliss of the Natural Wholeness. Peace realises the fact that NEW can shine the Truth of Love, the Truth of the inner Beauty. Obedient will is emphasised by Peace and directed in the crystal Clear Lines of Queen Terra her Crown.  

NEW Moon IN Peace, is the Natural Willingness of the Moon to Radiate Peace to Terra and Humanity. It is her Love that opens the cells and atoms of Creation to Obey and to order Life in the unfolding Bliss of the Natural Wholeness.  

Copyright: Ascendingall

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