Rising of Ruby is given in the bow of Nature, bowing to the Honourable Presence of Humanity. Human in Unity is the Race of Human, where Human Lives IN Nature and creates Nature. To create nature the Creative Powers of the Living Details is resurrecting in the celebration of the birth of Christ. Being born as Christ is being born within the Crystal Direction, the Direction that is Obeyed within the natural fact that Father and Son are One. In Christ is the Natural Life of this Oneness a given and this Natural Oneness is Obeyed.  

In the Obeying will, the Diamond will, Christ Lives as the Honourable Presence of Humanity. Christ All means that all Human beings are in potential Christ, because they are in potential Obedient to the father and aligned with the Crystal Direction. The Crystal Direction Lives in the Union of Human and Nature. Every Tree or leave that bows for the Purity of Human Race, bows to grant forgiveness to the creative power in misuse. To forgive is to start NEW, the Natural Eternal Willingness. In this NEW is the Obedience a fact. Therefore Nature bows to make Way within the NEW, a way to bring the Light of Human Race in its Full and Natural Potential.  

In the Union of Human and Nature the Right Potential of Human Race is blossoming. In this Union is the opportunity to Obey and materialise the Crystal Direction. The Crystal Direction is the Presence of the Father, the Father in Wisdom. When the Sun brings its Wisdom, its Wise Direction which is Straight and Clear, the Moon has opportunity to materialise Peace. Materialising Peace means that the Forgiving Light in Nature is given. It is the Light that bows for Human Race, the Light that opens up the Presence of the True Potential in Human as a Whole Race. The Wholeness of the Race is the Living Potential to Obey, the Living Potential to be the Natural Act in Creative Power.  

Creativity unfolds in the Peaceful Light of Moon, because IN Peace is the Power to Awaken. In the Awakening of the Creative Clarity of Human Race as a Whole, the Awake EYE of Human will see Nature in its bow. In the Awake EYE is the potential to Unite more and realise the Presence of Eternity in the Creativity. The materialisation of Eternity, is the act of Divine Love. Humanity Awakens in Love when the Moon gives Peace. The Awakening is given to bring realisation of Future and to make Human see the way of the past. In seeing the past, Creative Power in Right is acknowledged and becomes Straight.  

Straightness in Creativity is Obeying the Crystal Direction. Straightness in Creativity Awakens in the bow of Nature to Honour the Presence of Human realise The Way of Eternal Willingness to Obey, the way of Love.  

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