Ruby enlightens the Detail in Bright, opening up the Righteousness of every Ray and the Righteousness of the Union in Ray. Details are growing in the Multiplied Light of Promise, Promised to be the Expression of Deity. All in Ruby Mantle clothed are The Way of Union. The way where the details rise and Unite within the sealed Constellation of Aquarius. The Ruby Way is Eternal Way, Eternal Light in the Ruby Colour clothed. Aquarius is the START to make Ruby shine and to realise the Expression within Cube of Ruby.  

The Ruby Cube is filled with the Light and patterns of the Promises. The patterns of Divinity are the patterns of Union, the Righteous Union of every Promise. Light of the crystal Tree is enlightened on Ruby Way, created by the choices on The Way. Every Detail Lives the Union of the Wholeness of Life, the Union where Whole Life is in ONE Way and Direction. ONE Direction is the Crystal Direction, the Clarity of Life in Right and Order.  

The Details enlightened in Order, receive Right to Live and Right to create within the Wholeness of Life. Every Detail in the pattern Alive opens up for the Right Actions, the Actions in the Promised Light. The Promised Light is in the Details United, the Rays in the Details Present are creating the Way of Ruby. Divine Love IN Ruby Enlightening is the Love for the Details, the Love for the Righteousness of their Order. In Rays is Order, in Rays is the Ordered Expression of the Design. The Design of White Fire is created by the steps on the Ruby Way. Every step is creating the Purpose of Life as a Whole. Life in the Way of Loving Reality of White Fire.  

Original Patterns create the Design of Crystal, the Design of the Diamond Willingness to Obey. Obeying the Order is Obeying the Inner Reality of the Detail, the Inner Motion of the Living Light of Right. Righteous is the Path, Righteous is the Union in Clarity. Righteous is the Coloured Crystal of the Design, starting to shine as the Rainbow of Aquarius. Rainbow of Aquarius Lives in the Constellation of Aquarius. The Whole Constellation Lives in the Ruby Power embracing the Details, the Stars. Every Star is Bright, every Star is Present in The Way and in the Rainbow. ONE Direction is Clear as Crystal. The Crystal Brightness is the Crystal Clarity of the Details, Living in Ruby Way and Ruby unfoldment.   

ONE Path is Clear, Righteousness Lives within the Clarity of every ONE.  

Copyright: Ascendingall

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