Fire in Violet is Crystal Bright in the Rays of Sun. Fire in Pink is accumulated by the Golden Radiance of every Ray in Sun Light, creating the intensity of Ruby. The Ruby Light and Fire is the foundation for Peace, the foundation to realise the Purple Glow of Peace. Peace Lives upon the Ruby Way, in the Silence of the Original Sound that comes through. This is the Sound where Peace comes into form. The Original Sound is in White Fire active and White Fire is Active in material manifestation when the Violet Fire is Present.  

The Fire of Violet is the Cleansing Fire that opens up the cells and Atoms to realise the Way of Ruby and therefore to manifest Peace. The Peace which Lives in the Natural Sound of Life and in the Natural Act of Life. Peace is Celebrated when the Wholeness of Life is given in the Union of Elements. Every Element is IN Wholeness when it Lives within the Order of Light and the Order of the manifest Union. Every Element is Alive to Honour the Sun Light and to Honour all Colours in the Sun. the Crystal Direction is Straight and Clear, whereby it gives a Specific Goal and Task to every Element.  

In Crystal Direction the Elements take in their place and open the Reality of the Detailed Body, the Whole Body. The Whole Body is the Body of Crystal, the Body of Christ. In this Body the peace is a Loving Action, a Living Motion. It is the Motion that Lives within the fact that the Nature of one’s Being, the Nature of Obeying in the Detail, is accumulated within the Teaching. Every Teaching given is given to have the detailed Light of Origin become MORE. The Accumulated Truth is the Truth of the Origin, as Love. in the Peaceful body the Teaching can be applied in the Obedient Matter of the Detail. The Natural Material Right to Live for the detail is in this fact.  

Living Union of Details is Wholeness. Wholeness makes Peace a fact within the Living Body, because the Detail is Alive within the Original Sound that can Live in Wholeness. In the Wholeness of material Reality is the Detail in Expression and unfolding. The process of unfolding is the Motion of the detail, realised in the fact that the Original Truth of the Detail is accumulated within the Teaching. Learning to Live as Expression in Peace, is learning to Live in the manifestation of the Transparent and Whole Body for Terra, created by the Crystal planet.  

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