Universal Christ consciousness is Awake in the fact that the Crystal Planet Lives and that this planet is born in the Union of Promise. Within the Promised Body of Terra and Venus the consciousness of Christ is born, within the expanding Light and power of the consciousness and awareness as ONE. From this expansion is the Reality of Christ consciousness a fact. In the consciousness of Christ Universal Life can Resurrect. The awakening of Chrst is the way to open up the Origin in every Identity, the Original Being of every Detail.  

The Original Being of every Detail is the Obeying of every Detail. in every ONE Deity is the Obeying Power the Natural Power of Will. This Will to create the detail, is Living within the Christ consciousness. the Willingness to Obey and to Live the Command of the Origin to Multiply the Beginning into the Glory of the Ending, is the Natural Obeying in every Detailed Flame. Every Detailed Flame Lives this Original Life within the consciousness of Christ. An Awake Christ is the Power to Resurrect, the Power to Reign with the Power of the detail. this Power is the Will Alive in the Direction of Clarity.  

Crystal Direction is Direction of Clarity. This Direction is The Way given to the detail in Christ Alive, the Details who are Awake in consciousness and expanding as ONE, the Union of Promise. This Union of Promise realises the ascending Spiral for All Life. The Awakening is in the fact that awareness and consciousness as NORE is Christ consciousness in expanding Motion, the resurrection is in the fact that this can be done with Christ consciousness that responds to the Crystal Direction and Ascension is in the fact that the Will of Christ as Obeying Will creates the Ascending as the Multiplication of Eternity. 

The Threefold Wisdom is Alive therefore when the Crystal Direction in Wholeness of Sun is given, the Wholeness of Sun is the Wholeness of awareness and consciousness, therefore the Crystal Direction can come to pass. It is the Direction in Christ, the Direction to crate Crystal. Crystal is the materialised Truth of Love, the materialised Truth of the Beginning. When beginning is materialised, it is the ending. The Beginning as Love is Crystal Direction and the ending as Love is the Crystal Clarity of the material circumstance, the material Living in the Union of Promise. Wisdom Lives in Awakening, Resurrection and Ascension. Wisdom Lives within the Conscious Christ, because there is the awareness of being ONE with the Father Active.  

Life as a Whole has space now to expand. To expand in the awareness and consciousness as ONE. The space given to this ONE is the space of Beauty, the space of Ruby Love. this Love can be materialised in the Conscious Christ, in the consciousness of Crystal Clarity. Clear is the Space in the Original Light and Power. The Direction of crystal brings the direction to realise this space as material Reality. The direction of the wholeness of the Sun Light, is the Direction creating wholeness. This Wholeness is the Truth of Pink and Blue, the Truth of the Loving Beginning and the Obeying Willingness. In this Wholeness the Free Creation of Violet substance is created. In the Violet substance is the Details Freedom to be Christ and Live Christ.  

The beginning is Love and the Command in the Promise is to multiply the Beginning into the material Reality of Ending and to do so in Eternity. The Ending of Love is the Eternal Light of Ruby, Alive in the space given to creation, the space which is BODY. The Beauty of Origin Directed in You is the Clear body. The space where You as Detail are Alive and Awake. It is the Beauty as the space directed in the Wisdom of your Whole consciousness that expands as your Expression. The Whole Body is realised in this, the Wholeness that responds to the Whole Direction of Sun Rays.  

Live the Ray of your Promise, Live the Awakening of Christ and create Resurrection in the Eternal Ascending. Live the Path of Ruby unfolding in the expanding Truth of ONE Whole Direction as Beginning and ONE Whole Ending as Promised in Clarity of  Obeying.  

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