Truth is Awake in the Tone of Freedom, Awake in the Union of Alchemy. The Freedom in Tones of Crystal gives the Bliss to the Human Body and makes the Body encounter Youth. Encountering Youth means that it encounters YOU in the Thesis, which is the opportunity in YOU that can become expression. It is the Theoretical You that has chance and Will to become the Practised YOU, the Expressed manifest YOU. When you meet the Truth of Youth in the Tone that brings Crystal, you are crystallising the Detail as Promised. Everything Promised in the Union of Alchemy  is IN Youth. The Power of Youth is enormous when it is united with the Willingness to Obey.  

Obeying is The Way to crystallise Youth, to Crystallise the potential you are in the Promised Truth. The Promised Truth is Free in the Tone of Youth. The Tone of Youth is Free in the fact that Natural Truth  of Life is becoming alive. This Natural Truth is the Truth of Love, the Truth of the Original Love. Original Love Lives in the Promise. Alchemical Union in Promise is the Union IN Love, Union IN the Origin. This Union is the Reality of the Ruby Freedom, the Free Love as the Natural Truth of Live.  

Natural Truth is Awakening in the Freedom and gives the Bliss of material Expression. To Expresses the potential, the theoretical you, gives Bliss in matter or the body. The Bliss is realised by the fact that the Thesis of Youth becomes material Truth. This material Truth is the Truth of Alchemy, it is the Truth of Love. The Theory or potential of You is in Expression the manifestation of Love. It is the Love of Obeying, of the Original Being as YOU, creating itself as the Power of Truth. The Realised Union in in Truth, is the Alchemical Union. Therefore the Alchemical Power can be used to create, this Power is Love.  

Loving is the way of the Ruby Truth, the Truth of Free Life in Bliss created, the creation of Bliss is in the fact that YOU are Living in the body or becoming the body. The Body Full of Light is the Youthful body, the Body that Lives Full of your potential. The potential to create, to Live, to Act and to materialise, is all in the Thesis of YOU, in Youth. Youth is in Origin Present, because you as detail are Present in Origin, in White Fire. White Fire is the Righteousness where you are Present as Detail. From this Presence you are a Detail.  

The Detail realises Bliss as the Body encounters You, which means the body encounters the Eternity of Youth. This is the eternity of the Theoretical Promise that in Life becomes the realised Promise as the Body itself. To meet You  as Body, means it is manifesting itself as the Obedient way, the Natural Way of Life. The Natural Way of Life is to Live the Natural Truth of Bliss. And the Natural Truth is to be the Love of Alchemy, the Alchemical Union in VOW Alive. In VOW you are True, in VOW is the opportunity to materialise YOU and create a body Full of Youth, Full of your potential and Light.  

This is the Light of the VOW, the Promised Light to your detail. Your Detail Lives in white Fire, which means that the body as You is the Body of Fire. First the Body of Light is materialised when you are Young, then the body of Fire becomes the Truth of your potential. The Truth of your potential is that you are capable to Love and to be Loved. You are capable and able of being the Alchemical Union. This is the Union Living The Ruby Way. The Union of ONE Truth, which is the Truth in Promise. A Free Truth crystallising in the Willingness to Obey, the Willingness to encounter  Youth.  

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