Full is Fire of Pink and of Blue, United in the Eternal stream of Light in Motion. All Rays of the Sun Light are Connected in the Crystal Direction bringing in the Truth of the North and the South as ONE. The Union in the Sun Rays is commanded by the Power of Sirius, the Power of the Blue Governmental Right of the Deity. Sirius Lives within the Rays of the Sun, now the Union in Sun Ray is Fact. Every Ray is a Full Ray in the Unity of the Masculine and Feminine Ray established within Sun and within the core of the planet.  

Planet Terra shines her Love and her Freedom to the Rays of the Sun, to receive and invite them to bring their Present Light in the Motion of Eternity. In this Presence the Creative Power to express the Ray is enormous. The Creativity of ONE Ray in Wholeness, is the Creativity awakening the Promised Creative Actions. Every Promised Creative Action is the Act of Wholeness and creates Wholeness. In Wholeness is the Stream of Eternal Light in Motion a fact. Every Ray in Sun Honours the Power of Sirius, the Command of Right.  

To Live in Right is to Act the act of the Sun Ray. To Live in Right is to Reflect the act of the Sun Ray as Moon Light. The Reflection of the Sun Rays in the Wholeness given from the Union of Masculine and Feminine, realises Peace. The Moon Light is Full of Peace, wonderfully giving itself in the imagination of the Natural Power of Ray. ONE Ray is in Union, ONE Ray is Creative and Lives the Imagination of the Deity. The Deity has Natural Power to Live, to Love. Natural Power to Love is the Power to create and be creative. It is the Truth of being inspired. Inspiration is Naturally given in the Stream of Light which is Eternal. This Light is the Light that becomes Life, the Light is created as Love.  

The Ruby Way is the Creation of Love, it is the Way that is given in the ONE of Ray and The Way that opens up in the Reflection of Moon. The Moon Reflects the Wholeness of the Sun rays, the Union of the Core of planet terra is Honoured by Moon. In this Union is the Peaceful beginning of creation. this Peaceful beginning of Creation is the Truth of the Intent of First Creator. This Intent of First Creator Lives in the Power of Sirius that brings the First and Original Commands. These Commands are the one’s resonating with the Original Beings of the Details, of Deity. Every Original Being therefore is in its Nature Obeying the Original Command from Sirius Power. The Power of Sirius Lives in the Sun, in every Ray is the Command to Unite, the Command to create. In every Ray is the Command to Live the Perfection of the Promise.  

The Perfection of the Promise is Awakening in the Union of the Rays of Sun, the Union in every Ray that makes the Truth of every Ray connect to one and another one. All Rays therefore are Present in Wholeness, Present in ONE Goal. Therefore the Crystal Direction can be given, the Crystal Direction can shine its Light in the Perfect Union of Pink and Blue, which Obeys the Reality of Governmental Power in Sirius its Act as the Right of First Creator its Love. this Love is Right, and has the Right to Command to Live and to Command to be generated in the Actions of Ray.  

Eternal is Life in the Motion of the Light in Perfect stream Directed. This Perfect Stream is Creation IN Motion and Creation of the Reality of Crystal Clarity in Peace.  

Copyright: Ascendingall

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