Releasing the Future in Gold and Diamond Straightness is Releasing the Power of Creativity in the Wisdom of Awakening. The Awakened ONE in the Crystal planet is releasing Terra of her shackles with the unfaithful and disobedient light. Crystal planet has the power to realise Terra and make the Power of the Queen rise to the level of the Golden and Diamond Union. The Union of Gold and Diamond will give the Wisdom and the Will in Unity, in order to be Straight and Clear as matter as planet and as Altar of Life for the Flames in Union.  

Every Flame will thereby receive the impulses form the Crystal planet to Live its Righteous Live and to Live the Promised Union in every Flame. In the Core of Terra the Message is given and received that Ruby is the Creative Way and Power to Live the Union in Ray. The Union in Ray is free in the material Light of planet Terra, when she is Radiating the Reign of Queen in the Diamond Will that is Wise. Golden and Diamond Union is of the utmost importance to realise the freedom of every Flame and Detail in embodiment. The body of Crystal planet is releasing its Light, Love and Life to planet terra and gives the body for human in Right.  

The natural body of Humanity is the crystallised body that has Free Power to create the way of Ruby and to Obey the lines of the governmental Power of Sirius in every Ray Alive. The Living Power of Government in Rays, is the Living Union of the Flame that Obeys the lines and chooses to be creative in the essence of Eternity. Eternity becomes MORE in the Ruby Way that shows the Goal of Human Race in its core. Planet Venus as Crystal Planet is the HOME for the body of Humanity, the body that Honours Eternity and has the Reigning capacity to Obey. Obeying is Equal to Reigning. It is being Creative in the Righteous Way, aligned with the Purpose of All Life and of the detailed Life in ONE.  

The Crystal Clear body is the Free and Wise body that has Power to Act in the Willingness to Obey. In the Truth of planet Terra as Queen Terra she is Powerful as a diamond. In the Union with Gold she receives the strong and Eternal imprints to be Wise, to be the Awakening itself. In Awakening is the Truth of Resurrection seen and the Reality of Ascension is Alive. This means that Queen Terra as planet Terra or the planetary body is the expression of the Threefold Wisdom. In being this Expression she gives the Threefold Wisdom to every Flame on the Altar, which makes every Flame and detail Alive in the Bliss and Opportunity to be Christ, Crystal. The Body of Crystal is materialising in this fact.  

The shift that made Venus a crystal planet, is ongoing in Terra now. She will shift into the Diamond Wise Light that makes a Queen a Queen. Her Reigning Truth is Clear and Straight in the open Core that receives the Gift of Venus, the gift of her ONE Detail. ONE Detail is Alive in the body of Terra, All Flames are in ONE Sealed. The Life of ONE is hereby the Life of All. The Aquarian Mantra of All is ONE and One is All is manifesting as material Truth rapidly. This is needed to make the material circumstances align with the Right use of Energy and to have the shackles of Terra released. To liberate the material creation from the disobedient light, is liberating the human from the body that dishonours Eternity.  

Eternal home is the body of Crystal, the body of planet Venus as Crystal Light. The Power of Venus is strong and Straight and connects Fully to the Diamond Willingness of Queen Terra. Queen Terra is in Gold, because of her Detailed ONE that Lives the Truth of Unity. In Unity is the Golden Flame Alive that brings the Union of Wisdom and Diamond close. In this closeness the Power of Crystal can bring the Awakening, the Golden Light of Threefold Wisdom.  

Embrace the Purpose of Crystal in the Truth of planet Terra, the Truth of your embodiment as Human in Right. The Crystal body of Terra is rising, the body that gives Free Opportunity to Live the Flame in Wisdom and Act the Natural act of the Flame in Clarity.  

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