Power is Living in Crystal Light, accelerated by the Will of Planet Terra. Power in Crystal is the Reigning Wisdom of the True Father Principles, in the Union with the Mother Principles. Every Flame upon the Altar of Life receives the Union of the Father and Mother Principles in the Aquarian Purpose of Light. The Light of Aquarius is Full of Purpose to realise the Beauty of the space in Ruby. This is the Space given to the Aquarian constellation and Creation.  

The creation of Aquarius is the START of an entire Zodiac that will Live within the Space of Ruby and give itself in the Original Tone of Light and Life. In this Original Tone the sacredness of Eternity is Honoured and Obeyed, the Obeying Power of Will is in the Crystal Power, the Power that is active in the Body of Venus. The Body of Venus is Activated to be Crystal by the fact that the Governmental Power of Sirius has Commanded Venus to take in its Full place in the Righteousness of Life that exists within Peace. Because the Moon of planet terra is giving Peace, Venus needs to align and give its Grace in Crystal.  

The crystal realisation of the Body of Venus, is the realisation of the Father Principles in the LORD of Venus, which is Alpha to planet Terra. The Line of Alpha is crystallising in the Power of Will, crystallising in the Aquarian constellation. This means the Father Principles are translated into the Aquarian Constellation to have the Reigning Power of Aquarius in Crystal Power. The Alpha Line Awakens in the Aquarian Purpose, which makes Way for the Wisdom of Father to rise. The Way for Wisdom to rise, the way for the Aquarian Father to rise, is the Ruby Way. It is the Way where the ONE of Father and Mother principles is Alive.  

The Aquarian Father can only Reign in the Union with Mother, this amplifies that LORD Lanto Reigns in the Union with his Lady. In the ONE of their Light and the ONE of their Flame is the Aquarian Way unfolding as the Ruby Way that opens the Zodiac with Love in Freedom. Love in Freedom is the Truth of the Aquarian age, the Truth of the Golden Reality where Wisdom Reigns. The Union of Wisdom in the Power of the LORD and Lady who Live the Father and Mother Principles of Aquarius, is the Golden Reality of the Age in Aquarius that embraces the entire Zodiac to make the Beginning and Ending of the Wheel in ONE Line Straight.  

This ONE Line is amplified by the Crystal Power of Venus, by the crystal Power that is accelerating and Lives in the Union of Alpha and Omega for Terra. The entire Zodiac is straightening up which is a necessity to START the Year 2015. The Straightness of the Zodiac, aligned in the Ruby Space, is needed and of the utmost importance to be able to start the creation of Love in the invitation of Life as the Communion of Holy Spirit. the Communion of Holy Spirit becomes Reality in the materialisation of Details Alive in the Ruby Space, whereby the Spiritual Light of every Flame becomes matter. In the Ruby space of Beauty and Love, is the opportunity to Live the Wise Actions and create the Divinity of Love.  

In 2015 the Light of the Purpose of Aquarius will create Beauty, Transparency and the Living Action of the Details in Communion. The Power of Community grows in the fact that the Lines of Alpha and Omega are aligned and United, Obeying the ONE Light and Honouring the Way in Eternity given, in Origin Present. Original is the Union of Alpha and Omega, Original is the Way of Ruby, Original is the fact that Love is created. 2015 is the year where Communion of Holy Spirit is Honoured in rising the ONE of the Father and Mother Principles and where Wisdom will Reign in the Rising of the Aquarian Father. The Crystal Clarity of planet Venus, is the Crystal Clarity of the LORD that creates and the LORD that takes.  

All is done in the momentum of crystal, all is done in the momentum of Peace that Lives in the Moon of Terra and that is Honoured by the Governmental Power of Sirius. Sirius Commands the Crystal Direction in the wish to create Peace. Sirius Commands the Straightness of the Alpha and Omega lines, to make way for the Wise Love, the Love that is True in the ONE Original Fire of All.  

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