Creating in Union is creating The Way where the Teaching unfolds as the Golden Glow of Paradise. The Golden Glow is the material Union of the Masculine and Feminine Ray, the Union that is given in every Ray of the Sun. the sun brings its Crystal Direction in the Union and Wholeness of every Ray. To materialise this Union as the Path that is Ruby Way, Teachings are given. Every ray is taught in its Detailed, taught in the Reality of the Ray to raise the Flames.  

All Flames on the Altar are receiving the teaching to multiply the Flame, the multiply the Core of every Detail which is White Fire. In White Fire is the Unity of Masculine and Feminine Ray a fact and it is fact because this is created by the willingness to Unite. The Willingness to create Unity. In the awakening power of Crystal in Venus, the entire line of Alpha awakens. This Awakening makes the line of Omega become the creation of Ruby, the creation of The Way where the Union of Alpha and Omega is fact and seen.  

To materialise the Crystal Power and Crystal Direction, matter needs to be able to Express Golden Glow. The Golden Glow is the Wisdom in Matter that comes from the Virginity in the Feminine Ray. Virginity has understanding about Life as a Whole which can be seen as Wisdom in the Feminine Ray. Creating Gold is therefore done in the Wholeness of Wisdom, the Wise Actions of the Union of Masculine and Feminine, the Union of Alpha and Omega. Wholeness of Life is crated in this Union.  

A Teaching is given to a wholeness, always to the Union of Alpha and Omega in a Flame. This Union becomes MORE in applying the Teaching, in creating the Ruby unfoldment of the material Light. The Light of matter has been created in the Teaching, to realise the Obedient Way of matter. This is the Realisation of the Diamond Willingness of matte or as matter. The Power of matter itself is created from the Union of the Feminine and Masculine Ray, it is a Creation of Wholeness. Where the Diamond Willingness to Obey is materialised, the material Light can come to the point where the golden Glow is manifest.  

The manifestation of this Golden Glow is the Wisdom of matter, the Wisdom in Wholeness Present. This Wisdom makes matter fortunate. It will give every Flame the chance, the opportunity, to have its Promise Realised. matter IN Wisdom created is Wise to give the Flame the fortunate circumstances needed to have the I in Flame create its Promised Creation. the Promised creation is the Prosperity and Wealth of Life. Wholeness of Wisdom is growing in Peace, because in Peace the Union of the Masculine and Feminine Ray becomes MORE. In Peace the Union grows to a level where Stillness becomes the Sound of the Union. And the Motion of the Union becomes Eternal in the material Reality of Bliss.  

Union is Wise when the Actions are given in Peace. Union is creating The Way of Ruby, where the Golden Glow can come up. Teachings to Unite are given, Teachings to create from Union are given. Teachings to have Wisdom in matter realised are given. Every Teaching Lives in the Union of ONE of the Masculine and Feminine. In the Crystal Direction is the opportunity to make the Teaching MORE, to have the Teaching rise in the Wholeness of Light and Life. In order to create MORE continuously, the Teaching needs to rise as well as the Union that is taught needs to rise. The Eternal Motion of the Living Light as the Fire Within, is the Motion that releases Teaching and that creates.  

The Union of Creating and Teaching, the Union of receiving Teachings and applying them, is the Union where the Alpha and Omega Principles are communing. Life is MORE in the Power of Crystal Direction, Life is MORE in the Straightness of The Way. The Golden Glow of fortunate matter will rise in the Wholeness of Wisdom. Matter is Wise in its capacity to realise the material Right for every Flame to create its Wisdom, to create its Promised Creation. this Creation is Ruby, is Loving. This is the Creation as Living in the potential of the Flame, the Youth of the Fire Within.  

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