Constant Stream of Eternal Light is given to the ONE Promise in a detail. Detail by Detail rises in Union, Detail by Detail is affecting Creation with its Glow of Gold and its Beautiful Actions. The Detail Lives in the Celebration of Life stating Worth as the Beauty of Creator and stating Beauty as the Worthiness of the Detail to Shine. Shining is the Power of Creativity, the Power of the Act in Beautiful Worth. Creativity is Light in Freedom becoming the Detailed Expression of the Promise, the Promised Reality of Creation as it is given in the Flame.  

The potential of the Flame is the Action of Union, the act of the Natural Worth rising in Sun its Crystal Direction. Crystal is Direction, Crystal is the Forgiving Light in the Sun. Every Ray of the Sun is Full of Details in Union, Full of the Promised Reality of Life. Constant Stream of Light Living in the CORE of ONE, Living in the Source of the Detail, comes in with the Promised gift of Creativity. Creative is The Way of Love, the Way of the Ruby unfolding. Creative is the Right to Express and be materialised Fire. Fire is the Living Union of the ONE Promise, the Living Union of the Creative Actions to make creation unfold.  

Releasing the Light of the Promise is Releasing the Fire Within that is Free in the Constant Stream of Eternity. White is the Fire that is created in the Detail of the Flame, created in the Creative Power of the Natural Action. Every Natural Act is creating the way of the Ruby unfoldment in every Promise. Promised is Fire, Promised is the way of Fire in Right. Fire in Right is Alive in the Union of Masculine and Feminine. Fire in Right is the Living Action of the Detail in embodiment. The Worthiness of every Detail is in the fact that the Detail Lives embodied Life. The Detail Lives the united Living Wholeness of the Body, the Wholeness of the material Living.  

Matter is releasing its Union, the Union of Spirit and matter and the Union of LAW and matter. Materialised Light is the Promise in Action, the Promise that acts within the Righteous Union of LAW and Matter. Forgiven is the Act of detail, Forgiven is the United Reality of matter. Full Action is the Present Promise, the Presence of Wholeness. Crystal Direction makes matter Clear, Clear in the United Way which is The Way of Ruby. Ruby is the Straightness of the Detail, the Straight Actions of the Union of ONE.  

Details Live in Flames and Flames Live on the Altar of Life. The Altar is the Presence of United Matter where the Flame is Living, where the Flame is Bright and Beautiful. Every Action in matter of ONE, is the Action that makes the Altar Worthy. This Worthiness is in every Flame Present, Present in the Detail that has Right to create Worth in the Creative Power of Truth. True Creativity is the fact of ONE Promise. True Creativity is the Wholeness in a Flame unfolding in the Ruby Way of Straight Lines. These Lines are lines from LAW, Lines from the Whole Actions in Universe.   

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