Power is rising to bring in the Feast and make Glory of NEW in LAW Welcome. The LAW of the Age of Aquarius shines in the Full Power of Governmental approval and Full Power of Governmental Right. It is Righteous to Act in the LAW of Aquarius, it is Righteous that Aquarius has the Authority to bring forth the lines and the details within the lines. Every Detail will Live in the Straight Clarity of the Aquarian LAW, given to create the Communion of Holy Spirit. in the Communion of Holy Spirit Aquarius is the Feast for All, starting the  Wheel of Zodiac in Right.  

The Constellation of Aquarius takes in its space and its place. The space for the constellation is the space of Beauty, the space where the details unfold as the Beautiful pattern designed in the Governmental Vision. The Vision of Government is ONE with the Vision of Deity and the Deity of Aquarius therefore Unites with the Governmental Power. The Aquarian Deity will Unite with the LAW of Aquarius, now that the LAW is Authorised in Fullness to Act and Obey. Obeying the LAW of Aquarius, is Honouring the deity of Aquarius and vice versa.  

Power of Sirius is enlightened and multiplied in the fact that the LAW becomes NEW and that LAW is Full in the approval of Government. The detail of LAW will Awaken in every ONE, which makes the Union of matter and LAW more and more a fact. The MORE of matter will rise in this, the MORE of the details will be shown in the Actions of matter. The Flames on the Altar can abide in Peace and can unfold in Peace to realise the Beauty of the space where All abide in. In abiding in the Righteous lines and having ones place Clear, is the basic reality of growth.  

Growth is done in the Teaching, in the Teaching of ONE Wholeness. The Teaching Lives in the Commands of Aquarius and the Teaching is the Obeying Way of Aquarius. Which means that IN LAW of Aquarius is The Way of Ruby given, The Way of the Teacher and Teaching as ONE.  The Ruby Way given to the details, given to the Flames, is The Way where the Power of every Detail Reigns in the Truth of the ONE Wholeness. Wholeness Lives in the LAW and Wholeness Lives in the details. In the resonance Wholeness the Obeying Light of the detail and the Obeying Light of LAW are United. In this Unity the Communion of Holy Spirit will arise and grow.  

To create the Communion of Holy Spirit is creating the path where the Teaching is applied and where the LAW is IN Freedom. The LAW of Aquarius is IN Freedom because the Light of Sirius is materialised in the Actions of Obedient matter. Sirius Lives upon Terra, IN terra. This makes Terra the Altar of Life and this gives her Authority to carry the Flames and give the Righteous place to every ONE. The Flames are Alive in the ruby Reality of Space, the Reality where Beauty IS. In this Beauty the Peace of very detail, the Harmony of the detailed Sounds, will connect to ONE LAW and to ONE Authority. The Authority is in the Deity, which gives the Authority to every Detail.  

You are as ONE Detail authorised to Live the Union, you do so IN LAW of Aquarius. Life welcomes the LAW of Aquarius, because it chooses to Honour the Eternity of the Deity and to Obey the CORE in All, White Fire. Life as Wholeness is Obeyed, in Applying the Teaching which is IN LAW of Aquarius Alive. Every teaching is given IN Right, in the Power to Obey and Act. Therefore the Student can Obey and Act according to the Commands of LAW and according to the Righteous Power of the detail. Eternity is Alive in the materialisation of Obedience, therefore the LAW is Alive as matter. All Details in ONE Light seen, create the Truth of the Rainbow of Aquarius and make the Whole Zodiac Spin in the Righteous Way of Love.  

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