Grace is the gift making way for Eternity. Grace is the Reality of the Living EYE of the Deity that sees All and gives to All.

The EYE sees the details and Lives to give Worth to the ONE of the Detail or Flame. Grace is the uplifting Power that makes Worth Realised in the Detail its I. I is the Creator, I is the Deity. In Free Sight of the EYE the Detail is Naked, Whole and in Full Fire. In Full Fire Grace is received by the Detail, having opportunity to create it and bring into matter the Perfect Light of Grace.


The Perfect Light of Grace takes away the imperfect actions, the imperfect lines within matter. These imperfect lines are the veil that matter has become, the unclear way that is created by disobedience. Disobeying the Straightness of LAW is not applying the Teaching and realising darkness. Dark creation is enlightened by the Fire of grace, veil is uplifted and the Clear Creation in Truth and in crystal is shown. The EYE can see the Detail in Right, the Detail that shows its Fire and is visible in Perfection. Grace is the Fire in Moon Light and Directed by Sun Light it opens the gates to the INNER most Reality of Life in I.


IN I is the Detailed Flame, the White Fire that takes on the Detailed Colour in Motion of Eternity. Detailed Colour is the Receptor to realise Unity. In Grace is the opportunity to Unite, because Grace makes way for True Worth, it shows the Clear Fire of every ONE Detail. Grace is the start for the Ruby Way, in Beautiful Bright Pink. The more Grace is materialised, the more matter can realise Ruby Path, Ruby Body, Ruby Lines. In this the Straightness of Love awakens. Love that is Eternal and Living from the INNER most Reality of the I.


‘I’ has the ability to Unite, when Grace is the preparer of the way. ‘I’ will Unite in the Graceful Moon and the Directive Power of Sun as ONE. ONE Straight line realises I. It is the Straightness of Eternity, the Clarity of Eternal Purpose. This Purpose is enlightened and realised consciously when the Fire of Grace is given in Life. Governmental Power has decided that time is NOW to have Grace Alive. To have the Fire of Grace, the Beautiful Pink, prepare the Ruby Light in the World.


Grace is gift to I, to awaken I and uplift the veil. Grace is the Light in the World that casts out darkness and makes Details seen. EYE is in matter to see every Detail in Clear Lines of LAW, in Clear Lines of Ruby Way. This Way is Prepared by the Fire of Grace, the Fire that comes directly from Governmental Right in Deity Alive.  

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