Time is Perfection in Order of Tone, a Way to materialise and to learn. Time is Opportunity to grow in the constant Motion of Cosmos, which gives All Right and Life to Breathe IN Perfection and to create. Creating the Light of ONE Tone and ONE Way is creating the Light of Beginning and Ending as ONE. A sealed Creation is the Truth of Beginning and the Right of Ending in Destined Reality. Promising Life to be Righteous and to be Active in Light of ONE Tone, is Promising Life to create IN Perfection and to make Living GOD True.

Right of Time to be Ordered is Right of Creativity in RACE to be Ordered. Opportunity in Time is a Truthful Opportunity in which all Life can Expand and be MORE. Creative Opportunities in RACE are the creative Response Abilities given in the Motion of Light, given in Time. The Perfection of Time is the Motion of Light, the Eternal Reality of Light. When Light moves, Life is a fact in the Ordered Union of Cosmos, the Ordered Union of Living Tone.

Moon Reflects in the Order of Cosmos. Moon gives Reflection of Light in this Order to realise the Opportunity of Light to be Life, to be Living Tone of the Aquarian Age. Life is the Motion of Light, is Time in its Perfect Right to give Opportunity for All Details to Unite and to realise Way in Order.

Copyright: Ascending All

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