We had English Class, we read the book Word of Mother for the Aquarian Race. Last time we finished the part of Sanat Kumara and this evening we started with Lady Venus. We thought about the television program, ‘Keeping up appearances’. It is probably worldwide known. We remembered it all. It is about a woman who thinks she is very important and her husband follows apparently slavishly. It is overdone but in Truth, men need to ‘follow’ the women/matter if ONE (man/woman) wants to become spiritualised matter. 

We did the Creating Forgiveness decree and talked about the memorial of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. We will go there when we are in Poland. When we multiply light, a particle of Life is created and with this, we can create forgiveness. 

We honoured Lady Venus because she held the vision for a whole body. We are learning how to be matter and how to honour matter.  


Free is the Power to Multiply Light 

Free is the Right to be Body in Right 

Free is the Act in Forgiving Create 

Free is the Spirit and Matter IN Faith 

The reading of the book we did in a formation. We were in three groups of five people. Each group sat in the form of a cube. The cubes were each in another spherical creation, in another dimension. We connected through the form and by calling our names.  


Mura gave this meditation: "Imagine that we are sitting in a cube and as the immaculate vision of matter, as ordered reality. Experience creation as ordered reality. Breathe in and out and know that we form ordered reality in three dimensions.  

The moon shines immaculate and we receive or expand the immaculate as matter, in matter. We are the materialised immaculate creation, the real order for matter, in matter and as matter. In this we experience the oneness, the ONE of Spirit and Matter alive in the oneness of Sun and Moon, in the rhythm of day and night.  

Breathe in and out. We are the immaculate matter. We are immaculate Spirit and Matter as ONE, the whole order in ONE Creation. This is ordered. Remember the first Creation, remember the creation of the heart of Lady Venus. Remember the immaculate heartbeat, the immaculate vision, the heartbeat in our tone, in our colour, in the geometrical patterns created for our Life. Ordered lines in our spine, in our body can enfold the oneness of Spirit and Matter. From this oneness, the ions are multiplying and creating the oneness of Spirit and Matter as our I, our crystal I’s. We are literally creating an immaculate body. We are creating an immaculate Terra.  

Breathe in and out and open your eyes." 

The first group started reading the first chapter and paragraph of Lady Venus. Then the second group read the second paragraph and the third group read the third paragraph. So we alternated reading. The second chapter we read all together. We built a rhythm. We multiplied our word and worth. 

After reading Mura gave us all a kiss on the forehead. Then she said: "You have received a Kiss to hold the Immaculate Vision; it is from Lady Venus. You are all welcome to hold this Vision forever in your heart, in your body and Be Welcome in my Heartbeat."


Close your eyes with me. Make sure you are comfortable. Realise that you have received the Key to open up the Immaculate Vision. You have received Life through a Kiss, which opens the I in Union with the EYE of the All Seeing EYE of God. 

Therefore I asked to close your physical eyes. Because in this, it is easier for you to open the EYE, which is in Union with the All Seeing EYE. When you open the EYE and when you open the I, you are in this Oneness of EYE and I, opening up the Rhythm of the Immaculate Heartbeat. 

I ask of you, in the Invitation, to come in into the Rhythm of your Immaculate Conception, to envision and to experience the Rhythm of your Heart within the Immaculate Heart. I ask of you to step in into the Immaculate Conception of your Being, to step in into the Immaculate Vision that lives within my Heart that lives within the Heart of your Spiritual Mother, that lives within the Heart of your Physical Mother. Because the Heartbeat of the Immaculate and the Vision of the Immaculate, is given in the Matter World. It is here but it is not yet materialised in Fullness or in Wholeness. 

In receiving the Kiss, in receiving the Key and in receiving the Invitation of the Immaculate Rhythm of your Conception, you have the Opportunity to experience the Oneness of the EYE and the I. In the Oneness of these two, you have Opportunity and Ability to experience and become the Rhythm of the Immaculate Conception of your Being. This Being is the Original Being, it is the Being that lives in the Flame, your Flame. The Original Being has the Ability to Obey. Obedience is the expression of your Original Being, meaning the expression of the Being seen in the Immaculate Vision and the Being alive within the Rhythm of the Immaculate Heart. 

Your Immaculate Conception, Life as you are, created within Immaculate Conception, lives within the Rhythm of the Immaculate Heart. This Rhythm is given to you, it lives within your Heart, it lives within your I and it lives within your EYE. 

The All Seeing EYE of God is connected to All of us. It sees every I and it can see through every EYE. And because it is connected to every I, it is knowing and seeing the Waves of the Rhythm of every one’s Heartbeat, the Rhythm of every one’s individual Immaculate Rhythm, every one’s individual Immaculate Conception. Your Immaculate Conception is a Wave, it is a Wave and it has a Tone, it has a Rhythm. Your Immaculate Conception has touched the World of Matter. Therefore, the Immaculate IS materialised but not yet in Fullness or Wholeness.  

Your Immaculate Conception touched the World of Matter in the moment that you were created. Therefore I ask of you to envision that you, as your Original Being, that you as your Core, your Inner Truth, that you touch Matter with the Promise you have given, that you touch Matter with your Immaculate Rhythm, that you touch Matter with your Original Flame, your Original Being with the I that you are. 

Every one’s Immaculate Conception lives within a Wave, lives within a Rhythm. And in My Immaculate Heartbeat, All these Conceptions are realised, All these Conceptions are Sealed and All these Conceptions are safe. 

My Heartbeat is in Union with the World of Matter. Therefore the Immaculate Conception of each and every one, has the Possibility, the Opportunity and the Ability to become form, to be materialised. In the Wave of the Immaculate Reality, in the continuous Powerful Stream of the Immaculate Reality, Matter is unfolding as the Immaculate Conception of every one, of every I, of every Detail, of every Flame, of every Original Being. 

You have received the Invitation, the Invitation of Life. In this Invitation you are Invited by Matter itself to bring your Immaculate Conception, to bring your Tone, your I, to bring your Promise and to materialise the Rhythm of your Immaculate Conception, to materialise the Rhythm of your Immaculate Heart, to materialise the Reality of your Promise, of your I and to materialise the Reality of the Oneness and Wholeness of Life seen in the All Seeing EYE of God. 

You live within the Rhythm of the Immaculate. You live within the Rhythm of your Immaculate Conception. You live within the Natural State of the Immaculate Vision and Heartbeat that I hold for you. We are united in Matter because the Immaculate Heartbeat is in Matter. Matter as Life invites the Immaculate. The Immaculate as Light, as Rhythm, as Tone, invites Matter so that in this merging, in this Union, the unfolding of the Eternal Promise of ONE Life, of ONE Wholeness and of ONE Deity, in the Aquarian Promise, can Reign. 

You are here because you are the Invitation of Life and you are here because you are Invited. You live within the Rhythm of My Immaculate Heartbeat, you live within the Rhythm of your Immaculate Conception. Hold on to the Rhythm, create your Promise in the Waves of the Immaculate Heart. Realise that Matter invites you, invites you as the Immaculate Natural State of Being. You are the Truth, you are the Purity of the Immaculate. You are the House where the LORD abides because you are the One that is Immaculate, you are the One that creates Immaculate, you are the One of the I and the EYE, the EYE of the LORD itself. 

End of meditation

Mura continued: "Breathe in and breathe out. Experience the Immaculate, the Immaculate for All. Our Planet, All of Humanity, ALL is in the Immaculate Heartbeat Alive. Breathe in and out and open your eyes."


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