At this Celebration of Community day we went to a museum, it is called the World Art Museum in Rotterdam. There was an exhibition of Javanese Gold with the title Gold of the Gods. It is/was the most extensive collection of Javanese gold from the seventh to the eleventh century. They showed that at that time Javanese royalty used the gold, which was originally designed for the gods, as adornment, as protection and as honouring of the gods. 

We saw that people throughout the ages are seeking the unity of Spirit and Matter. People knew that Gold and Crystal are eternal creation IN itself. Man has been so long anxious to show its detail. It looks that these people had the same wish as we do now, the wish to eternalize. We know now more and more that we are worthy to express who we are. 

It was striking that we saw a lot of Dorjees. We spoke this week for the first time about the judgment of Dorje. At one place in the museum, we stood in a row to express unity. Mura said that we could take Buddhism in us with all the symbolism that goes with it.  We saw recognizable symbols from Christianity back into Buddhism, like the Wheel of the Law and an ark like the Ark of the Covenant as described in the Book of Exodus. 

Outside the museum the following dictation was given. Mura said first that we could relax, close our eyes and breathe in and out. Let it sink in what we have experienced. Every particle of Life becomes one with everything. ONE Life creates a golden future


ONE Life creates a Golden Future. ONE Light creates ALL. This is the Light of the Origin, this is the Fire within White Fire. Fire within is in your chest, it burns as your Detailed Flame. In the Union of ALL Flames and in the Union of your Self as Flame and your Body, is the ONE Life that creates a Golden Future. The Union therefore of Matter and Spirit is the Union that realises Gold, it is within the Harmony of Spirit and Matter that the Golden Future, the Golden Reality and the Golden Sealing is realised.  

You are present within the Union of Spirit and Matter and you are abiding within the Sealing of Gold. You have seen or you have witnessed the Reality of the Gods as they have been seen and as they have lived within embodiment. 

You have been the witness of the Golden Reality or the Harmonious Reality of the Union of Spirit and Matter as desired within every Flame and every Detail. The fact that you are embodied is the Simple Unity of Matter and Spirit. Matter and Spirit Union is, but not aware and not conscious. In the Union of Awareness and Consciousness, which is the Harmony of East and West and North and South, the Union of Spirit and Matter can be realised as the Harmony of Spirit and Matter. The Harmony of Spirit and Matter is the Union of North and South and East and West as well.  

When therefore, in the Harmony and the balanced interaction of Consciousness and Awareness, is the Harmony and the balanced interaction of Spirit and Matter. (Isabel said in between, this is the Dorje) There are two spheres who are interconnected and ONE. 

The two spheres who are connecting, connecting from their own stability within the Harmonious Reality of themselves, in the connection of these spheres is the Realisation of a Golden Future, is the Realisation of Life born; anew. A New Birth given to Life and a New Birth given to Light, Light in a New Form, Light in its Original Shape and Design. 

The Desire of the Inner or the Wish of the Inner, to Honour Life, to Honour Light, to Honour the God as the Origin and to Honour your Self as the Expressed Origin, is the Desire that brings Life forward, it is the Desire that makes Life More. Within this Desire is the Union of the two Spheres, the Union of the Harmony of Spirit and Matter and the Harmony of Awareness and Consciousness. The Harmonious Reality of Awareness and Consciousness is what you have seen, experienced and witnessed. The Harmony of Spirit and Matter is what you have seen, witnessed and experienced. Therefore in you, these two can Unite. You are given the Opportunity or the Portal of Unity, to realise this, to realise the ONE, the ONE that is ONE Life in which a Golden Future is realised. 

BE therefore Aware of the fact and Conscious of the fact that in Harmony that lives in many dimensions, a Golden Future is born, a Golden Future is created. You are, as a Detailed Flame, the ONE who creates. You have the Power, the Wisdom and Love to create this Golden Future within the Harmony of Awareness and Consciousness and within the Harmony of Spirit and Matter. 

North and South, East and West are Four United and Aligned, are Four in Harmony, realising the Stability of ONE World, the Stability of ONE Life, realising the Clarity in which Gold and Crystal are United, realising thus a Future, a Future that is Full of Prosperity, a Future that is your Fortune. You Live in the Reality of Union, in the Reality of Wholeness. You are a Detailed Flame embodied. You are Creator and Creation as ONE and this Realisation is the Materialisation of Gold. 

BE therefore the Golden Fortune as you have Promised to be. BE the Realisation of Harmony in the multidimensional form of the Immaculate State. This is the Promise and this is Fact. This is the Nature of every ONE. 

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