The Wieliczka Salt Mine lies within the Krakow metropolitan area. The mine is built in the 13th century and produced table salt continuously until 2007, as one of the world's oldest salt mines still in operation. Commercial mining stopped in 1996 due to low salt prices and mine flooding.  

Both the Salt Mine and Auschwitz -which we visited the day before- are on the Worlds heritage list of the UNESCO.  

The salt mine is located in the Tatra mountains where the retreat of Uriël and Aurora is located.   

We visited this mine in the early afternoon. It was a visit of two and a half hours. We saw only 1% of the whole complex. Through stairs and gradually descending, we arrived at 150 meters depth. We went through several passages, rooms, churches and there were even some lakes. Most of the walls, floors and ceilings are of salt.  

Mura said the salt will help us clarify old patterns. Through the inhalation of salt, our body can get rid of the perseverance of memories. This ensures an equal distribution of air and purifying of our blood. We breathed in equality and harmony, to grow and be our detail, our I. 

With a small elevator, we went upwards again. Outside the mine, Mura gave a meditation. 


We bring our hands before our heart. Breathe in and out. We make a connection with our hands, with our finger tips, what we have tasted, what we have heard, what we have seen, we connect in our hands, in our spine. It is a straight direction of the White Fire with our Identity. 

In the Wholeness of Life, we are ONE Direction, the Direction of White Fire, the Direction of the White Fire with our Identity, our unique expression of VOW.  

So breathe in and out and we are the Natural expression of our I. 

The hands are symbolically the I, but also really the Reality of our I, the expression of our ONE being. ONE Direction is in ALL. Flames are multiplied. Flames are given and the opportunity to live, to shine in the World.  

Isabel gave this dictation; she made movements with her arms and hands according to what is said. 


United is Life in the Threefold Power of the Cosmic Sun. United is Light in the Radiance of Sun and Moon as ONE. The Reality of the Spiral down and the Spiral up is the Reality of Equality in which Union comes to pass. Union creates Oneness. Union creates Wholeness. In Wholeness is the Ability and Opportunity to realise the Awakened Mind and in this to realise the Ascending Body. To realise Equality, Awakening and Ascension, is realising the gift of Crystal. In Crystal you have an open Mind, an open Heart and an open Body.  

It is in Union, in Oneness that the Reality of the Crystal Tree can grow that the Reality of the Threefold Power of the Cosmic Sun gives birth to Life in Cosmos. Life in Cosmos is created upon planet Terra within the Union of the Four Elements. These Four Elements are the Realisation of the gift of the Cosmic Sun and they bring down the Threefold Power in Matter. Therefore your Light, your Life and your Love becomes expression. Four Elements are Wholeness and are Equality. In Equality you abide, in Equality you express, in Equality you are a branch upon the Tree of Life. 

The Tree of Life is growing because Fire, White Fire, is multiplied. It is multiplied by the Threefold Power of the Cosmic Sun. It is multiplied by the Detailed Flames upon the planet, upon the Altar of Life. 

You are born to Honour. You are born to be Devoted. You are born to Live the Loving expression and create in this the Tree of Life in growth and multiplication. Wholeness is the Reality of Sun and Moon. And in the Immaculate State we all are born in, we have the Opportunity to express the Loving Fire, it is the Fire within, the Fire of VOW. 

Realise Equality. Realise the Threefold Power of the Cosmic Sun and take it down in Earth, in which the Union of the Four Elements is a fact. This fact realises the Singularity, which you are in Oneness, the Singularity in which you express, expand, unfold. Because it is the Breath of Life that gives you Motion to expand and to unfold and to realise the Radiant gift of Sun and Moon as ONE. It is in the Dance of White Fire that the Harmony lives in the Equality. 

Rise therefore to the level of the Cosmic Sun, rise therefore to the level of the Cosmic Sun in Earth, to give Birth and Growth and Multiplication to ONE Tree, ONE Life and ONE World which is Radiant as the Crystal Clear Reality of an Open Mind, an Open Heart and an Open Body. 

Mura continued the meditation. 

Stand up for a while. 

Rise as the Threefold Power of the Cosmic Sun.  

We made the movements, which Isabel did during the dictation. An Open Mind, an Open Heart and an Open Body, the body becomes fully Crystal, in the equality of the four elements.  





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