During the May holidays, we visited the Safari park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. It is a park with the topic Africa. In the Moon of Awakening we were invited to ‘Africa’ by Afra and Kuan Yin. Our goal was to unite Africa with Europe.  

We drove through the park with a Safari bus and the Ascending All bus. We envisioned that we were in the heart of Africa. There were many different African animals. We looked for and talked about the details of the animals. We breathed the expression of Freedom and Peace to the animals. 

After the tour, we walked through the park and did a meditation. We sat in two rows opposite to each other at a table and we set the sea in motion. We had our arms together and we moved side wards. Then we held hands crossed with the ones who sat opposite to us. We were all connected to each other. We lifted our arms a bit and moved back and forth. It looked like weaving machine.  


We are weaving and what we are doing is we are weaving the Union of Africa and Europe with this Motion, so we are not sawing, we are connecting it; we are weaving. 

(Try to keep on moving but if it is too heavy we can put our elbows on the table.) 

When you weave the Union of Africa and Europe, you focus on the Rhythm of your Heartbeat because this Rhythm lives in both of your arms. So from ONE Heartbeat a Pattern is created, a Union is created and this Union becomes More in the Multiplication of every detailed Heart. In the detailed Heartbeat we multiply Fire and we give this Fire to the Well of Africa. Therefore the Well of Africa can overflow and starts to realise the Truth of Abundance. In the Abundant Realisation of the Well of Africa, White Fire in Multiplication, is invited and received. 

When we weave the Pattern of Union we are merging White Fire and the Well. In this Union a Creation can Blossom of Details, of Details in Equilibrium. The Well and the Origin of White Fire are Equal, are in Equal Union and in this moment when the Rhythm of the detailed Heartbeat beats ONE Rhythm, beats Equilibrium and beats a New Realised Union, we create the Union of Races. Pink and Blue is united when we weave the Pattern to Unite Europe and Africa. We therefore invite within the Heartbeat the Violet Rays. We invite Life in the Violet Motion, in the Motion of White Fire and Well as ONE. The Detail of the Well and the Detail White Fire merges and gives its offspring as Violet Rays. Pink and Blue live in Union and within your Heartbeat there is Pink and there is Blue. Your Heart therefore is a united Heart, a united Heartbeat from which we give the weaving Motion of ONE Life. In ONE Life is created the DNA of the Origin, which always invites the Well of Life. So Original DNA invites the Well in Africa and in this Union of Origin and Well, a Material Creation is born, a Material Creation of Freedom. (Keep still and we lift our arms a bit.) 

Realise the Motion of Violet, a stream. (There is a stream of Violet going underneath our arms, the Union of Pink and Blue.) Realise the Motion of Violet and bring your Detail in the Violet (we put our hands on the table) because you are the ONE Heartbeat of the Origin and the Well. There is Original DNA alive in you, which invites the Well of Life that lives in Africa. 

(We bring our hands to our heart.) 

ONE Heartbeat, it lives in Pink, it lives in Blue, it lives in Violet Light. 

Thank you All. 


Thanks for your contribution!